Cesarean Section is a birth method whereby a baby is removed through a surgical cut made in the mother's abdomen and uterus. Actually, it is carried out when natural birth becomes risky. Irrespective of the fact that children born through Cesarean delivery face an increased risk of serious health problems in their later life, this emergency delivery method saves both the babies and their mothers and prevents dangerous risks during delivery, especially in women who have high blood pressure, diabetes, and other complications. Here are the long-term health effects of Being Born via Cesarean section.

Weak immunity

Babies born through Cesarean section usually have a weaker immune system that babies born through vaginal delivery. Babies born through vaginal delivery encounter bacteria for the first time during delivery. This early exposure prepares them to fight germs when they grow. Also, it helps the immune system to differentiate the things it should fight from the ones it shouldn’t. Unfortunately, babies born through C- section do not encounter this exposure. This results in a weak immunity.


According to a study carried out by JAMA Pediatrics, most babies born through Cesarean section were obese in their later lives. This could be because they were barely fed with breast milk. More studies are being carried out in order to find out the actual link between babies born through C-section and obesity.

Autoimmune disorder(Celiac disease

A study carried out by PubMed on 1950 children indicated a link between Cesarean deliverg and the autoimmune disease known as celiac disease. In 2016, a study carried out by BMC Pediatrics also confirmed the previous study findings .This could be caused by the alterations in the development of the enteric homeostasis during childbirth or as a result of recurring UTIin the mother .

Is there solution to these problems

The good news is that there is hope for babies born through Cesarean delivery. A solution has been proposed for the future babies who will be born through surgery. The challenge these babies have is that they don’t encounter the birth canal germs like those born through vaginal delivery. Therefore, the solution is that these C-section babies’ faces and entire bodies are rubbed with a piece of cotton put in their mothers’ birth canals.

Hopefully, this method will make them encounter the same microbes present in babies, which are born the natural way. Also, there is good news for those who have missed this opportunity and are all grown up. The good news is that they can achieve optimal health by boosting their immunity and being mindful of their lifestyle choices.