NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is celebrating Pi Day with a four math problem challenge, this challenge features math problems for students and space enthusiasts People often abbreviate Pi as 3.14, this is the reason why Pi Day is celebrated on March 14, but Pi is, in fact, an infinite number used to calculate circumference or surface area. Pi is an irrational number, a never-ending and unrepeatable decimal representation, it represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference and its diameter.

Pi Day

Ancient Egyptians and Babylonians calculated Pi, and it even helped to build the pyramids.

The first calculation of Pi as 3.14 is attributed to Archimedes, a famous Greek mathematician. It was also calculated by the Chinese Zu Chongzhi. The symbol π first used is attributed to Welsh mathematics William Jones in 1706. A tweet featuring Pi in the Sky NASA Challenge is below.

US Congress officially recognized the Pi Day celebration in 2009. This celebration has inspired unusual activities such as eating circular cakes or pies, making pizzas with the shape of the symbol, or dressing up as Albert Einstein, who also has his birthday during Pi Day.

NASA features this math challenge yearly. San Francisco’s Exploratorium hosts Pi-related activities every year. And today is when The Massachusetts Institute of Technology reveals its undergraduate admissions decisions, doing this since 2012. A tweet featuring the four math challenges is below.

How to celebrate #PiDay, NASA Way?

NASA Pi Day Challenge permits students in 5th grade through 12th grade and space fans an opportunity to take part in recent celestial events and scientists discoveries, using Pi like NASA engineers and scientists.

This year challenge features the study of Mars craters; August 21, 2017, total eclipse in the continental United State; the last mission of spacecraft Cassini at Saturn and the exoplanets orbiting in the Trappist-1 habitable zone.

Google featured a doodle. In a YouTube video, you can see the behind the scene of the Doodle, the video features a chef baking a pie, cutting fruits, and adorning the table making a formula while keeping the Google name visible and readable, a complete art piece that looked both wonderful and delicious.

A lot of people have shared their photos on social media, showing the way they Celebrate this particular day. People sharing the way they celebrate on Twitter is shown below.

How do you celebrate #PiDay? Did you prepare a Pi pie?