911 received a frantic call from an Ohio woman who was pleading them for help while her Pet Boa Constrictor was tightening its grasp around her neck and was constantly biting on her nose. The incident took place in Sheffield Lake, a community about 25 miles west of Cleveland in Lorain County.

What happened to the Ohio woman?

The woman in question is a 45-year-old snake enthusiast who has 11 pet snakes, including ball pythons and the boa constrictor - which was trying to choke her to death. She told the 911 dispatcher that she had rescued two boa constrictors just the day before.

What did the rescuers see when they arrived?

Firefighters and police officers were sent to the woman’s house and when they arrived they saw her lying down on a driveway. The driveway was covered in blood and the boa still around her neck with its strong grip.

How was the boa removed from the woman’s neck?

The firefighters couldn’t find any way to get the snake off the women as it was wrapped too closely around her neck and had to cut its head with a pocket-knife. One of the firemen from Sheffield fire department said that the creature was adamant to let go of the lady’s neck. The firemen couldn’t find any other way to detach the creature from her and so, used a pocket knife to chop off the snake’s head and rescued the lady.

Luckily, the woman hasn’t sustained any life-threatening injuries and is being kept under medical supervision she gets a little stable. The boa measured to be five and a half foot long.

What are boa constrictors?

Boa constrictors are one of the largest snakes in the world. They belong to the family of anacondas and reticulated pythons, which are also known for their large structure.

Boa constrictors are considered to be nonpoisonous and get their name for the technique they use to kill their prey. They choke their prey to death with their strong massive bodies.

The woman was lucky that the fire department and police officers reached her on time or else her fate wouldn’t have been the same. The woman was heard telling the dispatcher that the boa constrictor wouldn’t let go of her nose.

Moreover, the creature had its jaw closely tightened around it that she was not able to displace the animal even a bit. During the 911 call, she was frightened and was constantly pleading for immediate help.

Such incidents bring to the fore the risk of having a snake as a pet. The wild creature can turn on the Owner at any time, even if it is a pet.