Artificial Intelligence and robots are the tools of the future. A recent Gallup survey has provided an insight into the minds of people and their general perception of these marvels. The survey has found that nearly 75% of U.S. adults harbor an impression that AI will have an impact on the Employment opportunities. In fact, it will encroach into the job market and reduce dependence on humans.

Daily Mail UK reports that around 23% of American workers are afraid that they will have to surrender their jobs to robots, and are terrified of the prospect of being eased out by technology.

In the opinion of experts, the effect of automation will be felt mostly in jobs where the level of skill required is comparatively less.

The impact of artificial intelligence

It is difficult to predict the exact implications of the effect of robots and artificial intelligence on the employment market with relation to the nature of jobs that will be lost. According to the Gallup survey, the fear of losing their jobs haunted those who were less qualified.

In a previous Quartz survey of 2017, the majority of the respondents felt that loss of jobs to automation could be nearly half within the next five years. Another finding of this survey was that people in the higher echelons expected to have more AI employees, but those at the other extreme felt they would have to work under an AI boss.

MIT Technology undertook another review on the number of jobs that would be made redundant shoes startling figures. One study has put the figure at two billion jobs by 2030, while another estimates the loss of jobs to be around 7 million by 2020.

Applications of artificial intelligence on the rise

It is an accepted logic that machines can perform better compared to humans.

The best example of artificial intelligence is NASA's Mars Curiosity rover. It is a robot and has been working there round the clock for more than five years. There are possibilities that robots could be used for mining minerals on the moon, apart from other applications in the Mars missions.

Robots powered by AI are gaining acceptance in many industries.

In fact, those who are worried about the adverse effect of AI on the employment market have, unknowingly, embraced the concept in their daily lives. These have come in the form of devices like navigation apps, smartphone etcetera. Exhibitions are held regularly in different countries to promote robotics.

Robotics and Automation UK reveals that its exhibition of 2017 offered visitors an insight into the world of robotics, automation, and future technologies. These have the advantage of improving efficiency, economizing and imparting the all-important competitive edge to any business model. The exhibition dates of 2018 have been announced as October 10 and 11.