In life, we all strive to land jobs that will help us not only further our careers, but also help us reach our full potential as individuals. But sometimes, our dream jobs (and even regular jobs) come at a price. It may be due to dysfunctional workplaces or bad coworkers, and the worst, a toxic Boss. Having an unhealthy working relationship with one's coworkers will affect one's mental and physical health. There are signs to look out for when one is due to resign from his or her job because it no longer serves them a purpose. Here, we talk about the seven signs that the boss you're working for is a toxic one and how to Deal With It, if you haven't quit just yet.

1. There's little to no communication

According to Medium, one of the signs of a toxic boss and toxic workplace is when important information isn't properly disseminated to key employees. When your boss refrains from giving you constructive criticism about your performance or keeps his feedback on the negative side, it may be a sign that he personally has some negative feelings towards you. Try to reach out to your boss and management and if there are no changes, it's a sign to leave.

2. Your boss is an actual bully

Sadly, some playground bullies do end up growing up to be a boss. If you observe that your boss is often antagonizing, manipulating, or humiliating employees, BBC reports that it may be a time to openly talk to your coworkers and see if there is a general consensus about his attitude.

It's possible to talk to the boss as a group or raise issues to management if it gets serious.

3. Your boss enjoys micromanaging his staff

When your boss is the ultimate micromanager, it makes people feel incapable of doing their jobs. Bustle reports that micromanaging staff makes employees feel like they aren't trusted enough to do their jobs well.

If you're one of those people who experiences micromanaging, you can politely speak to your boss and inform him that you can do your job and assure him that you'll come to him for any questions or clarifications.

4. Your boss doesn't care about you professionally

This is in line with the first bullet, as bosses who don't care about their employees enough usually refrain from listening to their ideas and often want things done their way.

This "It's my way or the highway" philosophy will drive good employees from the company and may be a sign that you should go somewhere else, where your talents and skills will be valued.

5. The entire office is dysfunctional

Bosses have a responsibility in the office, to lead and guide and to provide inside to his or her subordinates. If he himself cannot provide a clear working process, workplaces will often fall into a confused, messed up haze. As mentioned in the previous bullet, bosses who aren't open to his employees' ideas are often tyrannical and will use and abuse his power over his staff—another sign that you should probably look elsewhere for a good workplace.