This year, people of the world must take their pick: Easter or April Fools' Day?

The two holidays fall on the same day this year - Sunday, April 1. Each comes with their own unique traditions and set of circumstances, including religious importance for the former. In no way do the two meld together in any shape or form. But this is the opportunity to change that, for good finally.

Here are four pranks that can fly for an April Fools' Day celebration, as well as Easter.

1. Paint Easter eggs to be politicians

It's an annual tradition for kids to go on an Easter egg hunt.

Why not have them hunt for eggs that are colorful in a nontraditional way? No better method to do that than to paint Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Hillary Clinton on to the eggs. Bonus points for the kid who finds the egg with Sean Spicer drawn on! Hint: it's never a bad idea to check the bushes. April Fools!

2. Peeps - everywhere

Peeps are the Easter candy everyone loves to hate. The marshmallow gooeyness combined with the bright yellow coloring is just a problem for candy lovers everywhere. What if your parent/child/sibling/whoever woke up from a nap on Easter Sunday and there were Peeps EVERYWHERE? Just imagine the scene when your loved one or better yet, enemy, wakes to see Peeps circling around their head.

They get up, thinking it's a fever dream, but then there they are, on the sink, in the shower, next to the anniversary pictures, everywhere! Happy April Fools!

3. Omelet surprise

This one is evil, to be honest. It also probably requires you to have a farm. But there's no better way to start off Easter Sunday than with some eggs, right?

At every point in a child's life, it's necessary to learn where eggs come from - or rather, where chickens come from. Why not let them know by explaining it to your kids, detail by (false) detail, before slapping some scrambled eggs onto their plate? Alright, this April Fools prank goes too far.

4. Stepped in it

This one isn't Easter specific, but it does invoke the possible usage of eggs.

A classic prank is to put something into somebody else's shoes. In this case, the something is going to be yellow - like yolk. Don't use an actual egg, because that's gross. Using some sort of yellow paint or dye is the better approach. That way, you can tell the unsuspecting Easter egg hunter that one of the eggs was in their shoe, and when they look inside - splat!

Happy April Fools' Day! And happy Easter! What a crazy day!