With the recent announcement that "Stranger Things" has found a new lead actress, the Internet has gone crazy again! And this new lead actress is none other than Maya Hawke, the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. Maya is a 19-year-old model and actress, and she will play the role of an “alternative girl” who is bored of her job. Looking to make things more interesting for herself, she eventually learns one of the darkest secrets of Hawkins, Indiana.

The fanbase for one of Netflix's most highly rated show is expectedly huge. And given this fact, it is no surprise that Season 3 is already being discussed, even though Season 2 was released just a few months ago!

The entire population of people with access to Netflix is undoubtedly fixated on everything about the Duffer Brothers' wonderful homage to the 80’s!

Fans have pulled out all the stops and come all guns blazing to demonstrate the best "Stranger Things" cosplays, and it is a fantastic thing to behold! We have here selected for you the very best of the best "Stranger Things" cosplays, so that you may also admire them like we did.

#1 (Baby) Dustin

There is no doubt in our minds that this is a spitting image of how Dustin would have looked several years ago -- if he were wearing the same clothes!

#2. Steve, Nancy, and Barb

With the baseball ball with nails and the hairstyle, Steve is our pick of the lot here!

And to be true, Barb and Nancy are also pretty on point!

#3. Joyce

That one of the most memorable scenes in the entire series could be cosplayed to such perfection we did not know!

#4. Stranger Things Family!

Featuring Hopper, Eleven, and Barb, this Stranger Things Family cosplay warms our hearts...

#5. Eleven

Have you seen a portrayal of Eleven so uncannily accurate? We hadn’t -- until we saw this!

#6. Baby Eleven

What an adorable little #cosplaykids featuring baby eleven!

#7. Joyce and Hopper

Cosplayer Natasha @watersofglass here portrays Joyce, while her fiance totally aces the gram and solemn look of Chief Hopper. Relationship goals, certainly!

#8. The Demogorgon

Seen at the Emerald City Comic Con, this one truly grabbed our attention!

#9. Another Baby Eleven

What a lovely little person is this cosplayer with the cute Eggos. Would this little child object if it knew what was happening to it? We think not!

#10. Nancy Wheeler

With a cosplay so staggeringly good, and the resemblance to Nancy so uncanny, she could be her double for all we know!

This is truly awesome!

#11. The gang featuring Millie Bobby Brown

Millie, who plays the captivating Eleven on the show, is renowned for her considerate behavior towards fans regardless of their ages. In this picture we see her posing along with some cosplayers as her mom takes the photograph. Truly sweet!

#12. Another Demogorgon

This take on the Demogorgon by Carl Leck’s @cblimagery is nothing short of sensational. He not only managed to design a wearable and functional suit, it is also very intricately constructed, bringing it the closest to the actual CGI stuff of nightmares in the actual show!