February 14 can be difficult for individuals who do not have a significant other. In school, on the job, and everywhere you turn, someone is receiving chocolate, flowers, showing off jewelry, or talking about the romantic evening they have planned. Rather than feel some kind of way or attempt to prove that non-attached Men And Women can enjoy Valentine's Day, there is one curious method that is best to get through the holiday. You can allow the 24 hours to pass without even acknowledging the day of love, except to yourself. Just be honest and admit that this year you do not have a sweetie, and keep moving.

You might just make it without any emotions of being left out.

Many people will not be celebrating Valentine's Day

Singles will not be alone (figuratively), as every year whether you know it or not, there are a lot of people who cannot observe February 14. This includes those who are married or dating someone. There are couples who may be dealing with financial issues and not even have the funds to purchase a card for each other. There also may be individuals whose significant other could be hospitalized or in hospice and they do not even feel like thinking about hearts, chocolates, cards, and flowers. They go through the day without considering it's Valentine's Day and it works.

No one has a clue how many married folks may be living together but not communicating, or separated while residing in the same dwelling.

A single individual may believe a certain couple is having a wonderful Valentine's Day when they could be miserable. There also are the numerous unattached men and women who are in the same situation. The internet is filled with suggestions on how singles can enjoy the day, but if you are dwelling on the fact that you are alone, and become lonely while trying to compensate, then what's the point?

This too (February 14) shall pass

Every year there are countless people who do not celebrate Christmas and make it through December 25 just fine. They don't complain or attempt to have an alternate observance, they simply let the day pass. This can be the attitude of anyone, single or otherwise, who laments not being able to participate in Valentine's Day.

If your family members, co-workers, dorm mates, or anyone else is celebrating with diamonds, chocolate, or a big night planned, you don't have to try to compete. Ignore the significance of February 14 and consider it as just another 24-hour period. If you find this difficult, there are motivational phrases that can get you through the day of love.

Two of them are: "This too shall pass" and "Tomorrow's another day." The origin of the holiday we now celebrate was for lovers to express their feelings toward each other. So if you are single, widowed, separated, divorced, etc., don't let the commercialization of Valentine's Day cause you to believe you must prove you can be a part of it. If you don't have someone to share the day with, simply ignore February 14 and it will be gone before you know it. Smile and be happy for those who can celebrate and keep in mind that life changes. There may come a day where you are able to have a lot of fun and someone else may not.