Research can be a curious thing, as results may change depending on the date and time the data is collected. In mid-January, the Home Snack website compiled scientific data and came up with two curious lists. They have published what they believe are the 10 best and worst states for Americans to live in. Don't be offended if your place of residence is not named as one of the more desirable areas of the nation, or if your locality is considered an area that is dangerous. The methodology utilized has been proven over time to be pretty reliable.

The ten states that are to be preferred

Home Snacks indicated that Nebraska is the very best place to Live In America, but their list has 10 different states that should be preferred. In order, they are New Hampshire, Massachusets, Connecticut, New Jersey, Virginia, Vermont, Hawaii, Minnesota, Maryland and Rhode Island. This information comes from the FBI which records data from all the 50 States themselves. This is what makes the data reliable. Whether you agree or not, sometimes a situation simply is what it is. It is interesting to note that other than Hawaii, the other nine best places recommended are on the eastern side of the nation.

The ten worst states in the nation to live in

New Mexico is number one on the naughty list of the worst state to reside in, and also has a second dishonor.

The FBI lists New Mexico as the most dangerous place in America to live. The other nine places that should not be desired in succession are Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisana, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada.

The map that accompanies the Home Snacks study indicates something pretty interesting. Looking at the entire United States, the best and worst places to live as a whole and not just the top 10, seem to paint a portrait.

They actually divide the nation from east to west, straight across the middle along the lines of north separated from the south.

The Home Snack study should be a guideline

There are exceptions to every rule and there are good and bad areas in every part of America.

This is why the information on the Home Snacks website should be utilized as a guideline and not something that is 100% absolute. If the FBI's data is broken down based on region, city, county, neighborhoods, or streets, this has not been made public. For this reason, it's best to keep this study in mind and do your own research before moving to any part of the United States.