For those who have perfected the art of procrastination, this will be a lifesaver. If you are still looking for a gift that will have them swooning even days after Valentine's Day passes, then any of these options are great. Traditionally, Valentine's Day has not been friendly to those on a budget. A mixture of your sweetheart's expensive expectations and a tight budget is an unpredictable combination for Last Minute shoppers. There are a number of ways to creatively say I love you and nothing says that better than a gift you made with your own hands.

So bypass the roses or spa day and show that you really care with a do-it-yourself gift that will save the day at the last minute.

DIY gift ideas for your Valentine

Here are four DIY ideas that will score major points with your loved one.

1. Create a bath experience:

For Valentine's Day make your own bath bombs and enjoy a night in. Melt their heart after a long day at work with these DIY bath bombs. The steps are easy and require only four basic ingredients. In a bowl, mix one cup baking soda, one cup citric acid, and one teaspoon of rose essential oil with hazel to spray. Spritz this into your mixture until everything sticks and it is the consistency of wet sand and add as many rose petals as you like for the final touch.

2. Spa in a jar:

Fill a mason jar with the beauty products they love for a spa in a jar experience.

For this, you will need a mason jar, a variety of spa items such as facial masks, moisturizing lip balm, mini soaps, bath bombs, mini manicure set, whatever else you can fit in the jar, and a strip of colorful wrapping paper. Wrap the jar and add a cute label that says "spa in a jar." After the jar is wrapped carefully, add the items, close the jar, and that's it!

3. DIY personalized coffee/tea mug:

Start the morning off great with their favorite hot beverage in a personalized mug. You will need a solid color coffee mug, nail polish (use multiple colors if you wish), toothpick, a deep plastic tub, some warm water, and paper towels. To start, fill the plastic tub with warm water and then add a few drops of nail polish. You have to work fast because the nail polish dries quickly. Use the toothpick to stir the top of the water, creating a design with it.

Dip the mug once or twice and allow it to air dry on the paper towel. To seal the design, use a clear acrylic spray. Present this gift with some of their favorite chocolate or tea.

4. Wall art:

Wall art would make the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the artsier Valentine. To make this you will need a wood board, cotton string, nails (one inch), hammer, and the desired image/s. Follow the instructions as directed and within an hour your wall art will be ready for them to admire. The best part is that it does not require professional skills to make.

For the one you love

Your loved one should be showered with gifts all the time even after Valentine's Day. Thankfully, this does not have to be expensive or planned months in advance. Find creative, fun, and thoughtful ways to express your affection even if it comes at the last minute. It is guaranteed to warm their heart, as well as save you from your procrastination.