After an hour-long manhunt in Detroit, 59-year-old Raymond Durham was arrested and is suspected to be the person who shot and injured two police officers during a drug investigation.

The shooting reportedly happened at around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday night at a location close to Tillman and Ash Streets in the city. One officer was shot in the ankle while the second received a shot to the neck. As reported by the Detroit Free Press, the police officers returned the fire and then drove themselves to the Detroit Receiving Hospital where they are receiving care and are expected to survive their injuries.

Police vehicles soon arrived in the area and a two-square mile area of the city was blocked off as they searched for the suspect. State troopers reportedly joined the Detroit Police on the manhunt, which lasted around an hour and covered several blocks in the area. They were looking for a man wearing a tan coat and tan pants.

Suspect in police shooting arrested

Police officers eventually tracked down the suspect and Durham was arrested close to the vicinity of the shooting incident shortly before midnight. A handgun was found on his person. The suspect suffered gunshot wounds to his leg, which police believe he received during the initial exchange of gunfire with the two Detroit police officers, and he was taken to hospital.

According to Chief James Craig of the Detroit Police, the two injured officers were running special operations and were reportedly wearing body armor. They were involved in a narcotics investigation in an area close to Wayne State University, which was the scene of the fatal shooting of Sgt.

Collin Rose on November 22 last year. Reportedly the 29-year-old Wayne State University Police K9 officer was shot in the head while investigating a man during his patrol of the area and died from his injuries.

Is the suspect also responsible for the previous police shooting?

Deadline Detroit asked that question in their report on the shooting incident.

Reportedly Craig said on Wednesday night that Detroit Police are not ruling anything out and are “looking at everything.”

According to witnesses in the area, they believe Durham was involved in that fatal shooting. Surveillance video retrieved after Rose was shot revealed a man wearing the same clothing as that worn by the suspect on Wednesday. Police are now running ballistic tests to find out if the gun they retrieved after Wednesday’s incident in Detroit matches the bullets from the Rose shooting.