Doctors are part of our lives, from the routine checkup to the cure of deadly disease. Basically, they are like humans’ saviors in difficult times. It is commonly believed that doctors have solutions to all our health problems. With the advancement of science and technology, even the deadliest disease such as cancer can be treated. Unfortunately, there are lots of horrifying things doctors don’t tell their patients, maybe in order not to make them feel scared or for reasons best known to them. Here are Terrifying things Your Doctor won’t Tell You.

1) Heartburn drugs are deadly

According to WebMD, popular heartburn drugs, which are known for preventing the burning sensation in the chest after eating certain foods, may raise the chance of death. Unfortunately, these deadly drugs are linked to kidney problems, bone fractures, dementia, permanent neurological damage and other health dangers. According to a study carried out in Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, long-term use of these drugs could result in an increased risk of death.

2) Taking medication shortens lifespan

Taking medication to treat health issues such as anxiety, insomnia, and heart disease may shorten one’s life. Unfortunately, we are living in a chemical-based medical society, where it is commonly believed that chemicals are the solution to health problems.

The Food and Drug Administration warns that psychiatric medications cause diabetes, heart attack, stroke, psychosis and even death. In fact, some blood pressure medicines can triple your risk of an aggressive form of breast cancer.

3) Aspirin causes internal bleeding

Aspirin, the wonder drug which is commonly prescribed for pain and cardiovascular diseases may prevent heart attack and stroke but in return, cause bleeding in the brain.

In fact, a daily dose of this drug, even a low dose can be so deadly. But doctors do not disclose that to the patient because the tablet also has its advantages. During pregnancy, taking aspirin could cause damage to the digestive and immune system.

4) X-rays cause cancer

Your doctor must have told you several times that X-rays are safe but the fact is they are not.

X-rays are cancer-causing agents. They can cause damage to your cells and DNA because the radiation within the machine can be high sometimes. Therefore, no matter how many times your doctor tries to convince you, you cannot always believe them.

5) Vaccines fail

Sometimes the vaccines suggested by some doctors to prevent a disease may fail. In situations like this, the doctors won’t disclose the failure of the medicine in the treatment of the disease. Rather, they would keep it to themselves in order to protect their reputation and image. This is very dangerous because such situations may lead to death or more severe diseases.

Doctors don’t disclose these facts because they either don’t want to scare their patients or want to protect their reputation. The fact is that keeping such important information from patients could be deadly.