Donald Trump has withdrawn from the 2015 Paris accord on climate change, and the US military has revealed that many of their installations are under threat from the vagaries of nature. These are floods, wildfires, droughts and other extreme weather conditions which are believed to be due to Global warming. This is a genuine problem that cannot be ignored but must be addressed.

USA Today reports that out of 3,500 U.S. military sites around the world, many of them are affected by droughts, or extreme temperatures or storm surge-related flooding and also by wildfires.

These are not desirable because they affect the preparedness of the forces.

It is a known problem

The adverse effects of climate change on US military bases is not a new problem, and a section of military leaders even consider it as a national security threat. The Pentagon had advised the Bush administration as far back as 2003 that it is necessary to tackle climate change because it can lead to a shortage of natural resources like energy, food, and water. These could give rise to conflicts. Subsequently, the Defense Department under President Obama agreed that climate change could contribute to domestic instability in a number of countries where the US has its military bases.

However, the Trump administration does not treat climate change with the seriousness that it deserves which is probably the reason for President Trump having withdrawn from the Paris accord.

Federal agencies are also rolling back regulations to limit the emission of CO2 that leads to global warming. Of course, US defense secretary, James Mattis feels climate change is a security threat. In his opinion, it can pose challenges to conduct military operations, and also create instability in areas that are already unstable.

Climate change cannot be ignored

According to scientists, extreme weather conditions are becoming more common due to global warming. It is leading to rising sea levels associated with floods, and mudslides that damage the infrastructure and loss of lives. Lack of rainfall creates drought conditions that can, in turn, result in forest fires to destroy the environment.

Climate change is responsible for unseasonal rains, storms, and hurricanes that add to the miseries. Obviously, US military bases near the coastal regions will have to face the fury of such disturbances.

Fossil fuels create CO2, and if the dependency on such fuels is reduced, it can arrest global warming. This is one of the reasons for the growing popularity of electric cars. In fact, many countries have decided to ban fossil fuel cars because electricity is clean, pollution-free energy and a better option.