We’ve all experienced them. Internet Trolls, people who think that just because it is a relatively anonymous platform, they can say what they want regardless of how it makes other people feel. Everybody’s gone on to their Facebook page, or been in a chat room, and seen somebody respond to their post with truly rude comments, often even completely off-topic. Other times, you find people posting things that are designed solely to get a rise out of people.

Lowest form of human

These people might not necessarily even believe it themselves, but they want to see how far they can get people going.

These are internet trolls, what most people consider to be the lowest form of human. While it may be true that most people consider internet trolls amongst the lowest of the low, not everyone is so quick to judge. Take, for instance, sarah silverman. Recently, when she was asking a question on Twitter, a third-party weighed in with a truly rude comment, calling her a “C***.”

For many people, this is a word worse than any other. Most people would have responded in kind, and it would have just escalated from there.

Sarah, however, decided to take a different tack. After reviewing the poster's Twitter account, Sarah determined that he had been lashing out in pain rather than true hatred, so she responded with love.

With a few questions, Sarah was able to reach out to her troll (@Jeremy_Jamrozy) and understand more about him and his situation.

She was able to confirm her suspicions about his pain and the anger it was causing, but that was only the beginning. After confirming the root of his problems to be his chronic back pain, she set out to improve his quality of life. She not only encouraged him to get support and seek out assistance for his pain, but she found a way to get him the medical attention he so greatly needed.

MRI test confirms herniated disks

Reaching out to her wide Twitter audience, she managed to touch base with a medical facility close to Jeremy, who was able to contact him directly. After completing an MRI, it was confirmed that he has five herniated discs. No wonder he was in so much pain. Pain like that would test the limits of a saint.

After being encouraged to seek help Jeremy set up a GoFundMe page which has reached over $4,000 so far. What Sarah did was wonderful and came from the heart. It has been truly life-changing for a young man who really needed someone.

How much more could we all do if we stopped trolling and chose love?