Oprah Winfrey delivered a powerful speech after receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award for career achievement at the Golden Globe Awards last Sunday. Parts of her speech have been trending all week and have received more attention than some of the winners for their roles in entertainment. By now, a lot of people can repeat some of the lines from the speech because they have heard them so many times.

Some people are trying to persuade Oprah to run to become the next President of the United States. Granted, Winfrey is an iconic figure and has done a lot of service for the country.

That's why she received the prestigious award. However, that does not mean she would make a good president. Here are at least four major reasons she should not throw her hat in the political ring for 2020.

1. Delivering a good speech does not qualify her to be a good president

Oprah is a fantastic orator. As soon as her speech was over, some people began calling for her to run for president. However, delivering a good speech or being a celebrity is not enough to qualify her to win a presidential race. She has a lot of star power among men and women, but in order to win a presidential race, she needs more than that. The United States should not be a country where being a celebrity is a prerequisite for occupying the Oval Office.

2. Not interested

NBC News reported that even though Oprah hasn't stopped the recent chatter about her running, she has said in the past on several occasions that she is not interested in politics.

Winfrey told the Hollywood Reporter last June that she will "never run for public office." "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King is Oprah's longtime friend and confidante. King stated that her friend is "intrigued" by all the attention surrounding a presidential run, but she has heard her say on several occasions that she is not interested in politics.

3. Wrong motive

Winfrey has zero political experience just like President Donald Trump. So, hasn't the country had enough of unqualified politicians? Just because Oprah is everything Trump is not, that by itself isn't enough. Trump has spoken out and said that he doesn't think she will run, and if she does, he would beat her.

4. Personal preferences

Oprah, who will be 65 in 2020, will be several years younger than the current president. Those who have followed her for years know that she is her own person. She has a few people to advise her on some small matters, but ultimately Oprah has the last word when it comes to making her own decisions. If she became president, she would no longer have that luxury.

There are laws and legal protocols she would have to adjust to. Would Oprah be comfortable having to deal with so many regulations?

It would be nice if Oprah would squash all the talk about her running once and for all so the country can move on to talking about something else.