On Wednesday, January 11, Coca-Cola introduced four new flavors of its Sodas that come in a tall slender 12-ounce can that are aimed at Millennials. The company said the new design is to remind consumers of a slim body. The goal of the new flavors and sleek can is to invite a new generation to drink the beverage. The new drinks will hit stores nationwide on January 22. According to officials, the company spent two years coming up with the finished product. More than 10,000 interviews were conducted and more than 30 flavors were tested before the company settled on the final four.

coca-cola is hoping that the four new flavors will boost sales because in recent years more people have given up drinking sodas and are drinking bottled water. Sodas are no longer in the top spot of things to drink. Bottled water in the United States is up to 39.3 gallons per capita while sodas are down to 38.5 gallons, according to the Beverage Marketing Corp.

Initial reaction

So far, the iconic no-calorie drink has received mixed reviews. First of all, the four flavors do not sound like the name of something to drink. People are likening the names to lip balms for middle schoolers. Diet Coke new flavors are Ginger Lime, Fiesty Cherry, Zesty Blood Orange and Twisted Mango.

The initial reaction to the new flavors in the tall slender cans was mixed.

Some people didn't like the names, and some didn't like the taste of any of the flavors. Some people on social media mentioned that the names and taste seem to be a lot like the La Croix drinks.

Most people know that President Donald Trump is a big fan of Diet Coke. New York Times reported last month that he drinks a dozen cans of Diet Cokes every single day.

Since Trump is accustomed to drinking regular Diet Coke, he might be reluctant to change to one of the four new flavors.

For or against diet sodas

Most people drink diet sodas with the assumption that the beverages will help them lose weight. However, researchers aren't so sure that's true. There are mixed reviews whether diet sodas actually help people lose weight.

It depends on what else the consumer does. Drinking a diet soda while eating a thick slice of chocolate cake seems futile, but a lot of people drink the diet product while eating unhealthy foods. A diet soda is not going to eliminate the calories, sugar, and fats from foods.

Are you going to try the new Diet Cokes when they are launched later this month? If so, which one will become your favorite?