Prince Harry and Meghan Markle released their official engagement portraits on Thursday, December 21 to everybody's delight. One thing people are saying is that they are not like other royal couples. People were quick to compare the photos to Prince William and Duchess Kate's 2010 engagement photos.

The portraits

The portraits are more intimate than portraits of other royal couples. It goes to show that Harry and Meghan are deviating from what others have done. They are obviously bringing their own style to everything they do. While they were dating and since they became engaged last month, they have been very open in terms of displaying their love for each other.

Body language expert Judy James indicated that Meghan and Harry's photos show an unprecedented level of intimacy that hasn't been seen before.

In the series of photos, the engaged couple didn't seem to be acting as they expressed passionate love for each other. In two of the photos, Meghan is wearing a $75,000 Ralph & Russo gown from the Fall 2016 couture collection. The British-made dress features a tiered tulle skirt with a see-through bodice that surprised some royal fans because it was revealing. The dress the former "Suits" actress was photographed in was nothing like the cream dress Duchess Kate wore in her engagement photos.

The photographer

The romantic pictures were taken by expert photographer Alexi Lubomirski who is well known for taking official photos of A-list celebrities.

The photo shoot was held at Frogmore House on the grounds of Windsor Castle where the couple will wed at St. George's Chapel on Saturday, May 19, 2018.

Summary of new things

Harry and Meghan did some things in their photos that have never been done before. For instance, they showed more intimacy. That was clearly seen in the photo where Harry wrapped Meghan into his coat, and she caressed his face -- showing her amazing engagement ring.

As stated previously, Meghan's outfit was revealing in a tasteful way, but the pair are clearly breaking the mold. The newly engaged couple broke from royal traditions and allowed their photos to be printed in black and white. They are the first of their kind since color photography was introduced.

If this is what the public is seeing in the engagement photos, there is no telling what will be seen from now until the wedding -- and during the wedding itself. Either way, the world will certainly be watching to see what they do next.