Christmas is celebrated on December 25 every year. Even though millions of people celebrate the holiday all over the world, everyone does not celebrate it the same way. There are family traditions, community traditions, and even regional traditions.

The Christmas tree

The one thing that has become the centerpiece of every Christmas is the Christmas tree. Even so, there are choices to be made about the tree. Will it be an artificial or a live one? If the decision is to get a live tree, another choice has to be made about the type of tree to get and how it will be decorated.

There are ornaments to decide on, the color of the garland and tinsel, the type of electric lights and even the topper could be an angel or a star. With so many choices to make, some households follow the same traditions that have been in their families for years.

Giving gifts

Giving Christmas gifts to others is another way to celebrate. Some families follow the Tradition of opening one or more gifts on Christmas Eve, and some families celebrate by opening all gifts on Christmas morning.

Attending events

Before Christmas, families attend plays and musicals together. If they have school-age children, more than likely there are Christmas plays and pageants to go to.

There are musical such as "The Nutcracker" and religious performances.

Attending family-friendly movies together is also a Christmas tradition. On Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, some people celebrate by attending church together.

Christmas cooking

Families with children have a tradition of baking cookies and making gingerbread houses.

Almost all families look forward to enjoying a home-cooked meal that includes an abundance of foods, desserts, and drinks.

The main dish for Christmas dinner is usually a turkey even though it was on the table just a month ago for Thanksgiving. Ham is also a holiday favorite along with side dishes. Cooks sometimes bake a variety of cakes and pies to last during the entire week between Christmas and New Year's Day.

Eggnog is some people's favorite drink during the holiday.

Other ways to celebrate

A holiday tradition is to send Christmas cards to help get people get into the spirit. Today, more and more people are sending Christmas newsletters to bring family members and friends who live far away up to date on what has happened during the year.

People might have been attending office parties and other gathering several weeks leading up to Christmas, and they continue to do so through New Year's Day. The activities listed above are just some of the traditional ways people celebrate the holiday. However, there are so many other ways to do so.