This time of the year, beautiful Christmas trees are everywhere for people to enjoy. Well, almost everywhere. There is a $59,000 Christmas tree standing in one of Rome's busiest plazas. It literally died after two weeks after it was set up and decorated. There is no chance that it will get better because it was cut down and separated from its roots. Therefore, funeral plans are always being made for the dead tree.

City's investigation

The city isn't pointing a finger anyone, but Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi has launched an investigation into the tree's poor condition.

She is the one who authorized the purchase, and she is not pleased that it has lost almost all of the pine needles and is not a pleasing sight. Other top officials want to know what happened to cause the tree to start dying so soon after it was set up in the plaza.

The local media was told on Monday that the tree in Piazza Venezia is beyond saving because it has no roots. The suppliers who sent it to the plaza firmly emphasized that it was in excellent health when it was shipped. Stefano Cattoi, spokesman for the supplier is convinced the tree was transported improperly.

What makes matters worse is that there is another Christmas tree nearby that is healthy and decorated beautifully like a Christmas tree should be.

The full-bodied tree is a big contrast to the sickly one.

Social media reaction

The tree has been mocked on social media and has been given the name "Spelacchio" which means "balding" or "shabby" in the Italian language.

Somone on social media compared it to a toilet brush because of its long arms and empty branches.

The Christmas tree that is in one of the most beautiful places in the world has become a joke.

Social media has given the tree its own hashtag and a Twitter account. Even though some people are mocking scene, it saddens others.

How is this going to end?

People are wondering how this is going to end. They want to know if the city will leave the dead decorated tree up until New Year's Day or if it will be taken down. The tree is definitely not a pretty sight for people to see as they pass by it every day. Some people think it is not a good idea to leave the dead tree up because it could be seen as a metaphor for the people who are leaving it up and for the people of Rome.

What do you think should happen? Do you think the tree should be taken down and discarded or left up for people to mock it? Do you think Rome should request a refund for the $59,000 that was paid to the supplier?