Jorji Kellogg, 18, wanted more than anything to attend a Lorde music concert to be held at the Kansas City Spirit Center. She asked her parents for tickets to the show as her Christmas present. However, her parents are church-goers with a pretty good sense of humor, so they came up with the perfect prank.

Church-going parents prank daughter who wanted Lorde tickets

When Christmas morning arrived, Jorji was thrilled to receive an envelope from her parents, which she thought would contain the much-longed-for tickets to the Lorde concert. What she got instead was a set of tickets for a fictional event held by Texas televangelist, Pastor Joel Osteen.

Instead of music, she believed she was about to receive the Lord instead.

In the Christmas card, contained in the same envelope as the fake tickets, her parents told Jorgi how proud and happy they were that she wanted to grow her faith and spent some time with the Lord. It ended by telling her to enjoy listening to Pastor Joel Osteen at the Kansas City Spirit Center. They had creatively put together an A4 ticket, presenting the chance to attend a night with “Our Lord and Savior Joel Osteen.”

Daughter was disappointed but not for long

As reported by the Kansas City Star, Jorji said on Twitter that she was totally thrown and wondered why her parents had thought she wanted the Lord, not the singer Lorde.

However, her disappointment was short-lived, as her parents couldn’t keep the joke up for long. Within a few minutes, her father handed Jorji another similar card. This time the card read “Ha Lorde” and contained real tickets to the concert.

Jorgi’s Twitter post went viral, soon attracting 43,575 retweets and 168,630 likes at the time of writing, as other Twitter users shared the great Christmas prank.

There was much humor shared as well as many media people trying to get an interview and old school friends frantically trying to get in touch.

Of the many reactions to Jorji’s post, her favorite was from one person who obviously didn’t get the joke and called her “ungrateful.” Jorji’s mom, Regina Kellogg, also headed to Twitter to confirm the prank, saying, “Um.

People do know this was a prank, right?”

Twitter users tweet Lorde asking for tickets

It also turns out other Twitter users didn’t realize the outcome and tweeted Lorde herself to request tickets for Jorji, who responded to say this wasn’t necessary. Whether Lorde herself is aware of what happened is currently unknown.

According to the BBC, while thinking of the other Lord, Jorji did say that the prank has probably taught her that she should attend church more often.