When one thinks of snow, it’s usually the color of white but in the Russian town of St. Petersburg, the hometown of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Russian citizens found that the latest snowfall fell as Blue, not white, and they are wondering what the cause is, and they want answers.

Paul Seaburn of Mysterious Universe reported that the abnormal-colored snow fell on the city the day after Christmas and the St. Petersburg Internet news source (Fontanka) stated that approximately 0.39 inches had fallen. Citizens reported that not only was the snowfall distributed unevenly but that the snow that fell was like it was paint sprayed/mist blown in by the wind from somewhere, and that this was their first time witnessing such an abnormal phenomenon.

Abnormal phenomenon has happened before

Although citizens of St. Petersburg reported that this was their first time witnessing such an event, Seaburn stated that it happened another time in Russia when in 2015, blue snow fell in Chelyabinsk, a Russian town in the Ural Mountains. At that time, a meteor exploded over the city after traveling at over 34,000 mph, with a projected force of about five hundred kilotons of TNT, sending a shockwave across the area that injured over 1,500 citizens.

The meteorite explosion occurred a few weeks after orange snow had fallen on the Russian city of Saratov and was found to be due to a windstorm in the Sahara desert that carried the sand into Russia and then fell on that city.

As far as the blue snow in 2015, a local Russian company that makes Easter egg dye stated that they had a minor spill, which, interestingly enough, tainted the snowfall, which leads many to believe that it was not a minor accident. The communist government denied that anything major occurred, and, naturally, there was no need to be concerned, as whatever it was, was not harmful to humans, or so they said.

What caused the blue snow?

What the exact cause of the phenomenon in St. Petersburg is is still largely unknown. Questions are being raised as to why Russia is experiencing this blue snow, and, if it was a chemical spill, why the government hasn't responded. Some also question whether or not the Russian government is hiding something.

One of the causes of blue snow and ice has to do with air bubbles that are wedged out, which causes ice crystals to enlarge, similar to ice glaciers that seemingly appear to be blue due to the constant bending of sunlight through multiple layers of snow. Although that is how Mother Nature works, the blue snow that fell in St. Petersburg more than likely was due to man-made environmental factors.