"Home Alone" became a hit movie after its release on November 16, 1990. To date, the film has grossed more than 460 million dollars and made a star out of young Mccauley Kaulkin. There is one scene however that you may not recall, and it gives an additional reason why Kevin McCallister would not have been able to board the plane. You may have believed for 27 years that the eight-year-old boy was simply lost and forgotten in the shuffle of a house full of relatives. The truth was hidden in plain sight each time you viewed this holiday classic. There is another more practical reason why Kevin had to stay in New York.

Kevin was 'Home Alone' for a simple yet important reason

There is a scene at the beginning of the movie where Kevin's dad is cleaning off the kitchen table after the family had pizza. He seems to be in a hurry to get everything in order so they can leave town. In the midst of the paper cups, plates and napkins, there is something else that gets thrown in the trash. Kevin's American Airlines ticket with his name on it gets thrown away. This important detail seems to have been lost by moviegoers over the decades.

There is no way that Kevin was going to board the plane without his ticket and as it was Christmas the likelihood of his getting a replacement were practically zero. Since "Home" Alone" fans know that Kevin was left behind in the hustle and bustle of so many relatives getting ready for the trip why was this scene left in the film?

Perhaps the initial plan was to have Kevin stay home because he had no ticket and the scene inadvertently was left in the movie. At this point, no one will ever know for certain.

Kevin's ticket may have been an Easter egg

In the movie scene, Kevin has spilled milk on the table and passports as well as tickets got wet. When Mr. McCalister throws the soiled items into the garbage, the camera lingers on the ticket in the trash can for a few moments as if viewers are expected to catch the easter egg.

There is no logical reason except to let the audience know that young Kevin would spend the holiday alone at home, even had he made it to the airport.

"Home Alone" continues to be a favorite holiday movie and can be seen many times on different television stations every December. Loyal fans may never know for certain if the scene related to Kevin's trashed ticket was an alternate plot that should have been removed, or if it were a carefully placed Easter Egg with meaning. If you missed it or did not give this moment a second thought previously, please keep it in mind the next time you watch this holiday classic.