Teachers and homeschooling parents, are you looking for free printable Thanksgiving themed worksheets and lesson plans for preschool kids? How about early reading and math lessons for kindergarten through second grade in fall themes? Worksheets are perfect for special needs children, too. Here's what you need.

Printable Christmas and Thanksgiving activities

Snapfish has pages of printable Thanksgiving lesson plans and Christmas activities for children. There are reading worksheets: letter recognition, mini-booklets, word games, vocabulary and crossword puzzles.

Print Thanksgiving writing prompts. There are free Thanksgiving games: matching, bingo, and jigsaw puzzles. Teaching is snap with these free math worksheets on counting, sorting, categorizing, adding and subtracting. Look for fine motor skills activities to practice tracing, drawing, and cutting.

Holiday printables for kids

ABC Teach is a superior resource for free printable worksheets. Look here for Christmas and Thanksgiving-themed lesson printouts. There are holiday lessons on math, reading, writing, comprehension, history and social studies. Print games, puzzles, crossword, word searches, glyphs, graphic organizers, coloring pages, fill-in-the-blank, hidden pictures and hands-on crafts galore.

Thanksgiving lesson plans

DL-TK is a one-stop resource for lesson plans and kids' activities. Here's the link to Thanksgiving worksheets, games, poems, booklets, crafts and lesson plans. While you're there, explore this amazing homeschooling and teaching resource bank. You'll find holiday printables on just about any subject and kind.

Busy Teacher Cafe offers free printable Thanksgiving and Christmas lesson plans. This site specializes in social studies, history and science activities, not just coloring pages. Look for activities on pilgrims and Native American Indian worksheets, games, puzzles and crafts.

Printable holiday car games

Print an entire unit of lesson plans for the Holidays using these free online resources.

Use them for Christmas vacation, Thanksgiving break activities and as child-minders to keep bored children occupied. Print a packet and take with you on your holiday travel. Car games and crafts help fidgety kids from driving you crazy with the questions of "are we there yet?!" These travel games are appropriate for many ages, skill sets and ability groups and educational levels. Special needs teachers will love the hands-on aspect of printable crafts.