While December is always a big month for movies, it tends to be an underwhelming month for albums. Most artists are either putting out Christmas classics or have already released their record before the holiday season comes around. The number of new records bubbling to the surface at the end of 2017 is low, but the caliber is actually surprisingly high in the eyes of some. If there are four albums a music fan must have at the end of this year, this is what they would be.

4. 'Beerbongs & Bentleys' - Post Malone

The legend of Post Malone has only grown since the release of "Stoney," which has seen single after single slowly rise to the surface, most recently in the form of "I Fall Apart." Song titles hide behind the guise of drugs and alcohol, but there's something deeply genuine about the genre-bending rapper, rocker, and country artist.

No. 1 hit song "Rockstar" will lead the way, but the rest of the new album was shrouded in mystery prior to release, which works to Post Malone's ultimate benefit. [December 1]

3. 'From a Room: Volume 2' - Chris Stapleton

If you're not familiar with Chris Stapleton by now, you're not a country music fan. The soulful star has taken the industry by storm, mixing old school vibes and a powerful croon with rock ballads that exude unstoppable energy. He released the first half of this two-part album back in May to critical acclaim; it's been nominated for Best Country Album at the 2018 Grammy Awards. Expect more of the same from Volume 2. [December 1]

2. 'War & Leisure' - Miguel

The name is a conundrum of binaries, just like Miguel is proving to be.

He mixes R&B melodrama with songs that would be hot at any college party. The only single prior to the album release was "Sky Walker," a Travis Scott featured effort that blended both styles well. Miguel plans to continue his incredible control of the R&B scene, even if he doesn't get the radio airplay his peers receive.

[December 1]

1. 'RƎVIVAL' - Eminem

It's been more than four years since the last Eminem album, so nobody knows quite what to expect - other than some likely bashing of Donald Trump. The first single, "Walk on Water," features the venerable Beyonce and poignantly discusses life in the spotlight, but still features some problematic retreads from the Detroit rapper, such as the use of the 'r-word.' The name suggests a follow-up to "Recovery," one of the better albums of the rapper's career canon. [December 15]