People who suffer from allergies seek the relief of Essential Oils instead of taking anti-allergy drugs. Because essential oils have natural properties, allergy sufferers prefer to soothe their Allergic Reactions with the extracts from the flowers, leaves, and barks of trees and plants.

Essential oils as first aid treatment

Essential oils are one of the most-sought-after remedies for allergic reactions. These potent scented fluids are extracted from plants and have become a therapeutic regimen ever since. These oils are so-called essential because each one signifies the essence of its source.

Once you sniff the essence, you will automatically be able to determine where they come from.

Based on clinical studies, allergies rank six as the primary reason for chronic illness in the US and roughly inflict 50 million individuals. These are the most frequently used essential oils to relieve symptoms of seasonal and skin allergies.

Favorite essential oils

Peppermint may help in the treatment of anxiety and mental fatigue. Peppermint oil is also considered an expectorant aside from containing antispasmodic properties. Inhaling its essence will relieve sore throat pain, sinuses, and lessen coughing. Adding a few drops of oil into a diffuser or a warm cup of tea is all you need to eliminate those annoying allergies.

Eucalyptus oil is an excellent cure for types of respiratory illnesses. It has anti-inflammatory properties, an analgesic, and expectorant like the peppermint oil. It can also clear sinus congestion, decrease wheezing and chest pressure and could as well eliminate toxins from the body.

Lavender oil is the most popular essential oil because of its fragrance aside from its healing properties.

It has anti-inflammatory effects and is a natural antihistamine. It strengthens the body of allergies and its painful symptoms. Lavender oil is also used in cosmetics like soaps, shampoos, talc, and baby products for its relaxing effect. It is also proven to get rid of dandruff and treat hair loss.

Tea Tree Oil is one of the most potent essential oil that is readily available to eliminate allergens and instantly cure skin allergies.

It is also used as an antiseptic and has anti-inflammatory properties and can be applied to skin affected by rashes or hives.

Since the Food and Drug Administration does not administer the use of essential oils, it should be used with precautionary measures and make sure to purchase high-quality oils from credible sources.