It's been exactly 32 days since "Stranger Things 2" premiered on Netflix, so it's an assumption that everyone has already binged watched the entire new season, once, twice, or even three times (we won't judge). For those who haven't caught up, spoiler alert begins now and please watch the new season ASAP. The second installment of the Duffer Brothers-created 2016 breakout hit (which earned several Emmy nominations) has defied expectations and has delivered more 80's nostalgia in a form of a tightly woven story that earned applause across the globe.

There's a lot of things to endlessly talk about when it comes to the series, but one thing that resonated well with fans the world over is David Harbour's Chief Jim Hopper, who stepped into a new role this season—as Eleven's foster father.

The first episode of "Stranger Things 2" delivered a delightful surprise: In the past year since Eleven disappeared from Hawkins Middle School after fighting the Demogorgon, she was taken in by Chief Hopper, who managed to keep her safe from the Hawkins Lab "bad men" by hiding her in his cabin in the woods. She survived on Eggos and Hopper's three "Don't Be Stupid" rules (which Eleven broke anyway because, character development). But more than just keeping Eleven safe from the bad guys, here are 10 times Chief Hopper stole our hearts with his kindness (and, let's be honest, good looks).

1. When Hopper was a totally responsible and protective father figure to Eleven

2. When he won over Eleven by dancing to Jim Croce

3. When he read a book to Eleven, the same one he read to his late daughter, Sara

4. When he taught Eleven, a kid with telekinetic powers that can rip your brains off, self-preservation techniques

5. When he bravely and single-handedly dug up the tunnels to find out what was really going on under Hawkins

6. When David Harbour tweeted in character and called Winona Ryder his 'wife'

7. When Hopper left Eleven a 'voicemail' admitting that he didn't want to lose her

8. When he gave the kids the best hugs ever

9. When he fully accepted Eleven for who and what she was.

10. When Hopper gave Eleven his daughter's blue hair tie that he had been wearing for years

The third season of "Stranger Things" will unfortunately not be released until at least a year from now, so feel free to binge watch the first two seasons all over again, now streaming on Netflix.

In the meantime, follow David Harbour on Twitter @davidkharbour as he tweets in character as Chief Jim Hopper and give his followers all the "Stranger Things" feels.