Sleeping with makeup is a big no-no for skin care experts. The usual advice is to always give the skin time to rest from cosmetics and going bare-faced when going to bed helps clear out the impurities that could clog the pores.

bareMinerals, however, is breaking that notion with its matte foundation. The company claims this makeup is so light that it doesn't clog pores, so women can still wear makeup while sleeping.

bareMinerals launched the makeup you can wear to sleep on National Sleepover Day last May 9 in New York in coordination with Cosmopolitan magazine.

Miss USA Olivia Culpo was the special guest of the event, which was highlighted with some girls getting a makeover, makeup tips and Instagram-worthy moments.

Is sleeping with makeup really so bad?

Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian admit to forgetting about washing off makeup before going to bed. Skin experts said that if you've done this quite a few times yourself, then know that it's nothing serious. But don't be surprised if you find spots and some blemishes when you wake up in the next few days after not cleaning off your face from cosmetics.

Some people's skin types are prone to breakouts when sleeping with makeup on. "The compression of makeup-laden skin to pillow will block natural sebum production," book author and facialist Abigail James told Refinery29.

If you keep doing this bad habit, however, then it can slowly contribute to skin aging. Doing away with cleaning the face will not give the skin cells the chance to restore and rehydrate. When this happens, the skin will become dehydrated, dry, dull and blotchy, and then the wrinkles will appear.

While this skin problem could be reversed, it might take some time depending on the damage.

Hence, cleaning up is a preventive measure against skin aging and wrinkles. Learn to do it habitually so you won't be sorry later.

Sleeping with bareMinerals makeup

Experts, however, said that if you have to sleep with makeup on, then do it with cosmetics with light ingredients. bareMinerals makeup actually come highly recommended from skin specialists because of its natural non-preservative ingredients.

It's not harsh on the skin.

In particular, its Original and Matte Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 provides a flawless coverage. The powdery substance feels like a cream when applied, but it gives the face a buffed and natural look. Some swear it doesn't feel like having makeup on.