US President trump recently declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The proclamation created chaos and now the terrorist group, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria or ISIS is turning its spotlight on America. On Thursday, the extremist group allegedly posted messages threatening to attack the country.

ISIS' message for America

The Hill reported that ISIS said in a Telegram Messenger addressing America that they will organize more operations in the country until the last hour and it will be burned with the flames of war that it began in Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan.

Along with the message are images of New York City’s Times Square and a bomb.

The title of the message is "Wait for us" and "ISIS in Manhattan." The poster that was revealed portrays Trump and Israeli President Benjamin Netanhayu kneeling with their backs against a jihadi executioner with the Al-Aqsa mosque.

ISIS failed to get new headquarters

After ISIS was forced out of Iraqi and Syria this year, the terrorist tried their luck to build a base in Marawi City, a Muslim country in the Philippines. The group collaborated with the Maute group and tried to conquer the city and put it under their power.

The battle between the Philippine Armed Forces and the Maute-ISIS group took five months before the country was freed from the Muslim rebels.

The combat operation was then abolished and on May 23, the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte proclaimed Martial Law across Mindanao including Marawi City.

The Marawi siege has been the considered the longest and most savage war between the government troops and the terrorists. Thousands of innocent people both young and old have died and those who were captured by the extremists received a gory fate.

Following the US official acknowledgment of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Trump mentioned his plan of moving the US Embassy there from Tel Aviv. However, he signed a waiver that will put the movement of the embassy on hold for six months.

Because of Trump’s announcement, anger burst out across the Arab states. The situation worsened after Hamas declared the start of the third intifada while Israel and Palestine began give-and-take fire.

The Israeli Defense Forces operated airstrikes in retaliation for rocket attacks which originated from the Gaza Strip.

The armed forces that fight the ISIS now anticipate a new chapter of revolutionary armed conflict. Revolutionists have conducted numbers of attacks in different parts of the world mainly in the UK, and other western countries..