Traveling is a huge pastime. Millions of people Travel every day. This travel can be domestic or abroad. Personally, at the age of eighteen, I have traveled to at least seven different states, I have traveled to various parts of Europe twice, and I am anticipating a long-term trip to Canada within the next year and a half. Traveling is an exciting adventure! However, people are still hesitant to do so. Here are some Tips to allow for traveling ease and excitement along the way.

1. Anticipate the bumps or the turbulence

Traveling can be frightening.

I can honestly say that the first time I was on a plane, I was terrified. However, I also made this into a much greater deal than it needed to be. Just remember to expect the expected, not the worst. Most importantly, relax. That's what traveling is all about.

2. Forget your wardrobe at home, pack lightly

Remember when traveling, it's not a fashion show. You don't need to look spectacular at every destination you go, only when appropriate. If you go to Europe, chances are their clothes are going to look much nicer anyway. Packing light and casual allows you freedom. You don't want to be held down by bag after bag. It also prevents you from losing valuable items as well.

3.Try the new food. Try the familiar food, too. Just eat

Food, food, food - my favorite part about traveling. The culture and the food are always worth the trip in itself. Focus on the local dishes that are offered at your location, but don't forget about the hole-in-the-walls. Pesto spaghetti and pizza were marvels in Italy, but I always suggest that when in Rome, find the little tiramisu shop called Pompei.

It is the best thing ever! But don't stop at the specialties! It's fun to find fast-food restaurants in foreign countries and see what's different! When traveling domestically, try the diners in the small towns or local favorites. They don't disappoint.

4. Don't forget an adventurous attitude

If you do decide to travel, you have to be positive about the entire experience.

If you take the wrong turn or get lost, remember that's from where the adventure comes! Enrich yourself in the culture. Learn the language. Don't get discouraged!

5. Don't be afraid to travel anywhere

Find the dream location you've always wanted, and chase after it. Whether it's near or far, traveling is something that should be experienced by everyone! I would like to advise to watch travel warnings and economic, political, and social situations if you plan on traveling abroad.

6. Although it's fun, be aware

Watch yourself when you travel abroad. Scammers and pickpockets do exist, and they are as hard to get rid of as they are to spot. Be cautious of everything on you and often check. Also, watch the current location.

If something doesn't seem right, leave. This doesn't mean you need to be paranoid about the bad things, but always safety first.

7. The traveling bug bites bad

A side note that should be included: when you start traveling, it's hard to stop. The traveling bug is a real thing. I am an eighteen-year-old girl who loves it. I want to constantly do it. Experiencing new locations and cultures are addicting. The desire to understand more around you leads to a more self-aware individual that can revolutionize the world with new-found knowledge. Following these simple tips will allow for ease and excitement in future traveling endeavors.