Boise, Idaho is most famously known for its football team, the Boise State Broncos; while the college campus is the center of activity in this city, the areas around it are booming with beautiful scenery and sites to see. This picturesque place may be the future city of America you need to add to your bucket list to visit! Here are some ideas for things you and your family can do while visiting to give you the home-town feel Boise has to offer.

6. Boise State University's campus

As listed above, the Boise area is most famous for their amazing college football team, the Broncos.

Growing fame after the 2007 Fiesta Bowl win, the Broncos have made a name for themselves in college football ever since. Whether you come to Boise to witness the team in action at the Albertson's Stadium or you're actually interested in attending Boise State, the flourishing campus is a sight to see. The most iconic picture-taking opportunity on campus for families is the big, metallic "B" in front of the administration building on campus; the B is the mark of campus that is hard to miss for visitors. Try commemorating your tour with a picture beside this hallow statue!

5. Boise Greenbelt

Surrounding the college campus is the Boise River; students walk along the Boise Greenbelt for the simplistic beauty of the view to get to their classes and other popular spots on campus.

On your visit, the greenbelt is the perfect place to clear your mind from the havoc of Travel plans. Walk or bike alongside the river with your loved ones to take a quick break from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

4. Camel's back park

A little ways outside the main part of Boise is Camel's Back Park, a wonderful place to let little ones run around.

With a playground for the kids to stay on, adults can run up the gigantic, steep hill that is the center of the park. Once you have conquered the beast, there are hiking trails at the top that overlook a beautiful view of the rest of the park. Bring a homemade picnic to the top for a fantastic view and a delicious lunch. This climb is very strenuous for some, so please make sure you keep hydrated if you are going to attempt the climb.

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3. Boise's capital building

Featured in the picture above, the capital building is not hard to spot in the relatively small downtown area. Go inside for beautiful stairwells and marble pillars. Upon entering, look up for a unique ceiling that brings in beautiful, natural light. Venture downstairs for historical exhibits and videos suitable and fun for teaching children the history of Boise. See if you can find the old style elevator hidden somewhere in the building!

2. Freak alley

Yes, the name is a little strange, but once you witness the spectacle on your own, you'll understand the origin of the name. Freak Alley is the perfect spot for wacky pictures with your family.

The creativity of the featured artists gives your picture's background the colorful pop it deserves! Walk around the alleyway to discover the unique art pieces by miscellaneous artists in the area. Discover the hidden treasure of downtown Boise!

1. Table Rock

When you first stepped into downtown, did you happen to look into the nearby hills and see a giant cross? Yep, that's the top of Table Rock, the true treasure of Boise. You can either park your car at the bottom and hike the terrain to the top or drive your vehicle all the way up the hill. Either way, the view you get at the top is worth it. Most visitors suggest going right before it gets dark, so the drive up isn't dangerous and you get familiar with it before the drive down.

Climb the hill and search inside the few caves Table Rock has on the sides; the rocks are covered with graffiti, which adds an even more unique twist to the hill. Climb back up to the top, right next to the cross, and look over the glowing city of Boise. Looking out over this city is a truly magical experience with your family.