Idaho is not really known for much of anything but potatoes. This back-of-the-woods state has made huge changes to many cities to become very progressive in today's society. Whether you or someone you know is considering going to the local university, Boise State, or you're just enjoying all 4 seasons Idaho has to offer, here are the Top 10 restaurants you and your family can enjoy!

10. Boise Fry Company

Boise Fry Company is a homegrown, burger-and-fry joint for only the most adventurous people. With six different types of potatoes and 5 different options for ways to cut them, you can get many combinations to go with your burgers.

Although their motto is "burgers on the side," Boise Fry Company includes 3 different kinds of meat - including Bison! - and a vegan option to start your hamburger off right, don't even get me started on the many options they have for burger toppings! Once you get seated in the homey atmosphere, there is a seasoning bar, where you can choose from different spices to top your already delicious fries with. Need dipping sauces? Don't worry, they have you covered with unique fry sauce options for your side, including huckleberry BBQ sauce (seasonal)!

9. Big Juds

Most famously viewed on "Man vs. Food," Big Juds is known for its 1 pound challenge: finishing a one pound hamburger, fries, and a drink within half an hour.

If you aren't crazy enough to try this feat, you can still visit Big Juds and enjoy a normal sized burger. Another burger-and-fry joint places high on the list because of its college hang-out spot feel and well-priced food. There is plenty of variety for everything the family may want - including the best finger steak basket in the valley.

8. Pie Hole

Pie Hole is the classic hipster hang-out spot. Whether you need something quick and easy, or you want to sit down and enjoy the friendly atmosphere, Pie Hole is a great option. The staff is very out-going and the pizza is very cheap - but not in quality! Amazing taste with an amazing price. If you're looking for a quiet place to have a fancy meal, this may not be your first choice.

But, if you're still hungry and need a filling slice of pizza, stop in and grab a slice. There are many flavors to choose from!

7. Goldy's Breakfast Bistro

Goldy's is held as the place to go for breakfast if you ever find yourself in Boise. Although it is a small location -and fills up very quickly- everyone highly recommends Goldy's. When you step in, the atmosphere feels crowded and loud, but when you sit at your table, it feels like you are the only people there because of the excellent customer service. Goldy's offers the classic breakfast foods with the same, amazing taste; the thing you really need to order is their special Sunrise Mimosa (non alcoholic). Made fresh every morning, this juice will add a flare to your breakfast like you've never tasted before.

6. Elmer's

Another breakfast place?! If you thought you couldn't get any better than Goldy's, you thought wrong. Although the aforementioned breakfast place is hailed as the best in Boise, Elmer's reigns superior. Both places are fantastic, don't doubt that, but Elmer's is the place to be for true hospitality and giant portion sizes. For the very small price you pay, you get back double in delicious food. No matter what time of day it is, the customer service is outstanding, going above and beyond to serve their customers and make them want to come back - sometimes even twice in one trip!

5. Moon's Cafe

This is the last breakfast place listed, I promise. Located in the heart of Downtown Boise, Moon's Cafe is your classic diner setting.

It opens early - 6:30 am - so all the early birds can fill up before they start their days. But, no matter what time of day you come, you need to get a milkshake (there is no shame in having dessert with your breakfast). If you don't order one of their milkshakes, you wasted your entire trip to Boise! (If you're more of a hot drink fan, the hot chocolate is equally as delicious). They're huge - but not that cheap - and absolutely delicious; paired with one of Moon's famous breakfast or lunch dishes, this sounds like a heavenly start to any day. If you're on a campus tour at Boise State, it is a beautiful walk from the campus to Moon's Cafe with your family or friends!

4. Lucky fins seafood grill

On the outside, Lucky Fins has an ocean-like aesthetic which looks very fun and themed to their seafood-based menu. They have a very diverse food menu including sushi (the star of the show), delicious tacos, and soups and salads; you pay a little too much for the portions you get, but the taste makes up for it. The environment is friendly in this sit-down restaurant with a bar area for the adults but plenty of room for the kids and teenagers to love the atmosphere too. The service is impeccable as the workers always greet you within 30 seconds of you entering the building. If you are looking for a great environment to catch up with friends or have an enticing meal with your family, Lucky Fins is the high-energy place for you.

3. Bardenay

Are you in Boise celebrating something? Ranking number 3 on the list, Bardenay is a fancy environment to have a beautiful meal with anyone! Bardenay is definitely a more up-scale, fine dining establishment but still offers great food and fine portion sizes for what you are paying. Like any fine dining options, you will be paying a bit more for your food, which isn't always worth it to some people. It deserves the number 3 spot because of the quality of the food. If you are looking for a laid back meal, this may not be the option for you. If you want to take your family out for a lovely meal though, Bardenay is a nice choice.

2. 10 Barrel brewing company

10 Barrel Brewing Company is the perfect places for everyone in the family; your parents can enjoy a nice, home-brewed beer and you and your siblings can enjoy the wonderful food.

With a cabin, outdoorsy feel in the restaurant, you feel like you're in the woods! The prices are average for the food you receive but it is delicious nonetheless; 10 Barrel deserves the number 2 spot for the unique atmosphere and inclusiveness for everyone in the family. Plus, the food is great too. The mac and cheese will change the way you think about pasta.

1. Tucanos

Technically not located in Boise, it is right next to the border of Meridian. A little bit of a drive away, but extremely worth it. Tucanos is a Brazilian grill with a salad bar. Once you sit down, each table has a colorful indicator of the needs for each group: turn it to green, it means you're ready for the endless buffet of meats, yellow means occasionally but slow down the flow of food, and red means stop.

The servers will bring around different assortments of meat straight to your table, cut off a slab for you if you want, and come around again in a short period of time with more meats to sample. If you need something in between or want to start with a salad, there is a HUGE salad bar. Including salad, salad toppings, desserts, bread, and sushi, the salad bar is almost an entire meal in itself. Definitely come hungry; Tucanos is filling! Although it is pricey, you absolutely get what you paid for, in quality and quantity.