A wildlife photographer captured a rare and intimate moment between two male lions in the Maasai Mara in Kenya. The pair appeared to be engaged in what the photographer described as “sexual contact.” After the story went viral on social media, the head of Kenya’s film censorship board has blamed gays for their influence and has said the animals need to be isolated for “counseling.”

Photographer spots two male lions mating

Paul Goldstein, the wildlife photographer in question, told the Daily Mail that when he spotted the two male lions in a secluded place in the bush, they were initially just standing next to each other.

However, suddenly one lion lay down on the ground while the second mounted him. Goldstein mentioned that he had seen this sort of thing happen before when visiting Botswana, but added that it was never with quite the vigor of this pair. He went on to capture a series of images of the lions.

According to Goldstein, this kind of thing tends to happen in safari parks and zoos, where incarcerated animals do tend to do strange things, going on to ask who can blame the animals? However he said with the two male lions in Kenya, their actions were “astonishing.”

Goldstein mentioned that lions normally mate for a few seconds, with a violent withdrawal between the male and the female lion.

In the case of these lovebirds, he said they carried on for around a minute, adding there was obvious affection between the two males after their withdrawal.

Twitter was alive with comments and speculations after the photo of the two lions surfaced. Users of the social media platform obviously found the images amusing.

Kenya’s censorship head blames gays for the lions’ behavior

The Nairobi News also covered the story, which caused much controversy in the country, leading to the head of the Kenya Film Classification Board speaking up about the male lions’ same-sex behavior.

Ezekiel Mutua told them the lions need counseling. He reckons the animals have received bad influence from gays visiting the national park and “behaving badly.” Mutua went on to say the male lions must have copied their actions from somewhere, as they don’t watch movies.

He also speculated that it might be something demonic that was causing their strange behavior. Mutua said what they were doing was not normal, asking if they were definitely two males. The reporter interviewing Mutua confirmed that in the photo, both had manes, meaning they were both definitely of the male persuasion.

Mutua went on to say that after the lions’ “bizarre” behavior, they must be secluded to study their behavior. He then went on to say demonic spirits that inflict humans now seem to have caught up with animals too.

According to a report by the New York Daily News, this isn’t the first time censorship has raised its head over perceived gay behavior. The Kenya Film Classification Board banned the Disney show “Andy Mack” in the country after a gay character was introduced. Mutua said all attempts to introduce any kind of gay programming in Kenya will be stopped by the full force of the law.

The interview with Mutua is included below.