The infamous domes located in Casa Grande, Arizona are beginning to turn into rubble after a cave-in that occurred last December. Pinal County officials condemned the 35-year-old structure in April and ordered its demolition recently on September 20.

The Casa Grande Domes were featured on the Travel Channel’s hit series, “Ghost Adventures,” and since its appearance, the property has gotten national attention. Many people that have visited the domes claim that they are haunted and that they have had paranormal encounters there. Due to the national television exposure, the location has been a hot-spot for various paranormal groups, alien hunters, thrill-seekers, and photographers.

The UFO-like domes were constructed in 1982 and were designed to be used as a factory for producing circuit boards. It was also going to be a company headquarters for a California-based computer company. Construction lasted about six weeks for each dome.

The buildings cost about $150,000 each.Upon completion in July of that year, InnerConn Technology's owner, Patricia Zebb, told her employees at a gathering there that she was excited about the company’s new location. “I am happy but I am scared. There is still a lot of work to do. I’ll be glad when I see the first board come off the plating line,” Zebb said in an interview.

The Union Bank of California took ownership of the property in 1983 after InterConn Technology defaulted on a loan payment.

The property was deemed unsafe by the EPA due to toxic chemicals found in the groundwater beneath the site. In 2006, Casa Grande residents Daniel and Karon Peer purchased the domes. Since owning the property, the Peers have rented the domes for 24-hour periods to photographers, a church, ghost hunting groups, and for other gatherings.

They've also tried selling the domes, listing the property for $750,000. Now the property sits abandoned and condemned.

On October 2, Haunted Historians paranormal researchers, John Albrecht and Scott Stanneart, visited the location and took aerial photos of the domes with their drones. With the rear building looking like it could fall down at any moment, it is clear why the property is now condemned.

The Casa Grande Domes are located about a mile south off Interstate 8, at exit 172. The site is condemned and trespassing is strictly enforced by security guards and the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.