Rarely do shows live long enough to celebrate their 300th episode as this great show did. ''Grey's Anatomy'' is one of those shows that become part of its fans' lives because they make them smile, cry, grieve, and anticipate things. The show revolves around medicine and surgeries, but the storyline gives fans a chance to enter characters' private lives as well. Apart from the medical things we get to know about from the show, we get to learn a thing or two about life as well.

1. Friends are family

One of the reasons fans love the show so much is that all the characters act like one big family.

They have been through so many woes, challenges, and happy times together, all of which tightened the bond between them. This might be the greatest lesson this show teaches us: friends are everything, friends are family. While it’s true we can’t pick our original family, we sure can pick the family we want – our friends. We need to be extra careful here though -- it all comes down to who will listen, understand, and help when you need it.

2. Your past doesn’t define your future

Half of the surgeons we love so much came from really rough backgrounds and had some things that could have discouraged them.

However, they all realized that what you’ve been through in the past doesn’t necessarily impact the kind of future you will have. Izzie Stevens lived in a trailer park when she was younger, gave her daughter up for adoption when she was 16, and was a lingerie model in order to pay for med school. She kept going despite all that and made her dreams come true.

Meredith was always looked down on by her mother Ellis, who was never satisfied with her daughter’s achievements and called her ordinary. Meredith had a tough time going through all that, but she didn’t give up; she actually used it as motivation to succeed.

Alex had a really bad relationship with his father who was a drug addict and abused Alex’s mother.

Alex had so much baggage from the past which could have resulted in him becoming an abuser or a drug addict too. However, he rose above that and became a great surgeon who is actually great with kids and who treats women with respect, not to mention what a great friend he is.

3. It’s okay not to be okay

Everyday life is unpredictable and brings many ups and downs to all of us. We can plan a day, a week, our whole life, but rarely does it turn out the way we want it. Things happen, plane crashes, shootings, deaths, and we need to let it all in and learn to live with it. Meredith might be the champion in this category; she has lost so many people she loved and yet she wakes up every morning, gathers her strength, and moves on.

What’s important is to understand that we shouldn’t fake our feelings -- it’s okay to have meltdowns.

4. Life goes on

Basically, all the characters on the show experienced hardships and losses, but they managed to realize that they need to look forward to every new day they get to live. No matter what you go through and no matter how bad you think things are, you will eventually learn to live with it and continue your life. People come and go, you fall in and out of love, you experience many ups and downs in your professional life, but at the end of the day, it all shapes who you are and you decide whether you’ll let it affect you positively or negatively.

Moving on can hurt at first, but true friends will always stick around and help you survive whatever life might throw at you.