The season of colds and flu is upon us, and already many individuals are dealing with a sore throat, running nose, sneezing coughing, fever and or chills. There are some people however who never succumb to seasonal bugs, and often they tell of Home Remedies that keep them healthy. One of the curiosities of life is how liquids can prevent or shorten the duration respiratory woes. There are four which are tried and true with many testimonies of their effectiveness. They are steam, Orange Juice, water, Chicken Soup and hot tea. Utilizing any one or even all of these home remedies on a regular basis may help you make it through the winter months unscathed by the infirmities that plague others around you.

Steam and hot black tea with honey and lemon is beneficial

Steam will unclog stuffy mucus membranes and help you stay healthy and to breathe much easier. It will also reduce congestion and sinus pain. Running hot water in the shower with the door closed will give the effect of a sauna and is very beneficial. You can also use hot water in the sink, or from a pot on the stove. Put a damp towel put a damp washcloth over your face and bend down allowing yourself to feel the steam and breathe in. Be careful not to get burned. Keeping the mucous membranes flowing will prevent respiratory ills such as cold and flu.

Drinking hot tea with honey and lemon is a tried and true home remedy for respiratory illnesses and can or relieving sore throat and also decrease the number of days you may have to deal with flu or cold germs.

The tea has interferon which fights viruses and along with the vitamin C from the lemon and the antioxidants in the honey will have you feeling better in no time at all.

Orange juice and chicken soup and water are very beneficial

The vitamin C in orange juice can heal wounds, fight infection and also keep colds and flu at bay.

Chicken soup is loaded with cysteine which works similar to drugs for bronchitis Both are very beneficial during the winter months when respiratory illnesses seem to increase. Be sure to keep them on hand and make good use of their germ-fighting abilities. The salty chicken broth thins mucous, and the protein has antibodies which are known to fight disease.

Drinking lots of water is also beneficial during cold and flu season because it flushes toxins from the body. H2O will also help to reduce a fever. Utilizing steam, drinking tea with honey and lemon, orange juice and lots water, along with enjoying chicken soup on a regular basis may keep you a step ahead of winter germs. It could be the ounce of prevention that is better than the pound of over the counter and prescription drugs that you have depended on as the cure for respiratory illnesses.