The Huffington Post reports that a recent survey from Duke University's financial research lab shows that Millennials are more likely to Regret spending Money on small things, such as coffee, as opposed to more expensive things, such as plane tickets. However, most of the survey participants didn't have many regrets and were more satisfied with all of their purchases. So, what are millennials spending their money on, and what do they consider to be inconvenient?

Bank fees and impulse buys

The most common thing that millennials said annoyed them was bank fees.

Of course, these fees are rather annoying to anyone. However, they are also entirely avoidable. Millennials tend to regret their impulse buys as well, such as fast food, coffee, and other unnecessary items.

The fact that millennials tend to regret wasting money on things is a good sign. It shows that they know what they're doing and are more likely to stop spending that money. It's also a frustrating thing that millennials realize that they do, perhaps because they know it could be stopped with their own willpower.

Another frustrating fact of life for millennials is their debt. Many face staggering debt from student loans that seem impossible to pay off. Some people suggest that if millennials stopped impulse buys, they could afford to make more loan payments.

However, that doesn't seem very likely considering how high student loan debt usually ends up being. Being able to buy coffee or fast food once or twice a week is a small treat for yourself.

What about the larger purchases?

Millennials don't seem to regret making large, planned purchases. For instance, if they spend a lot of money to travel, they won't regret spending that money as it gave them a new experience that money can't replace.

They don't seem to mind recurring bills either, perhaps because when bills are paid they know that they're doing well enough. They don't regret taking care of themselves and giving themselves new experiences.

These larger purchases tend to be more satisfying in general than the smaller impulse buys. It helps millennials feel a higher sense of satisfaction in their lives.

Traveling is something that not everyone has the chance to do, so being able to buy a plane ticket somewhere would definitely improve the quality of someone's life. Ensuring that all of your bills are paid improves quality of life because you don't have to worry about being evicted or losing electricity.

Overall, millennials don't regret a whole lot of what they're doing. They seem to have their lives together a bit more than people in older generations give them credit for.