Crime in the U.S. is on the rise. Murderers, robbers, and drug dealers make the country unsafe. For these reasons, there are some facilities built around the country to hold criminals and keep them away from the world. Even though the criminals deserve to be locked up, some prisons are so deadly that some offenders regret their crimes. Inside these prisons, inmates go through physical abuse, diseases and gang violence. Here are the Most Dangerous Prisons In America.

1. Alcatraz Island Prison, California

The prison is located on Alcatraz Island off San Francisco’s coast, according to Life Death Prizes.

The prison was closed many years ago. Some of the notorious criminals in America were jailed there, one of them being the famous Al “Scarface” Capone who was responsible for many crimes. The prison used to make headlines for violent escape attempts one of them being the notorious 1946’s “Battle of Alcatraz” which left two guards and three inmates dead, even though the escape was unsuccessful. The facility was shut down in 1963 because of its high cost of maintenance and its poor reputation.

2. Rikers Island, New York

According to All That Is Interesting, Rikers Island is the third largest jail facility in the U.S. It holds offenders with sentences not exceeding one year, those awaiting transfer, and those awaiting trial.

Even though the jail has low-grade offenders, it is one of the worst prisons on earth. It has a high record of systematic abuse, and the inmates live fearing abusive correctional officers. There was one case, where a guard allegedly commanded six prisoners to beat two of their fellow inmates leaving one of them with a collapsed lung.

3. United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum Facility Florence, Colorado

According to The Richest, this is the prison where most heartless people are confined. The prison houses the guy who was convicted of helping to plan the 9/11 attacks, the Unabomber, leader of Aryan Brotherhood, leaders of Mexican Mafia, agents who gave secrets to Russia and much more.

The ADX has the most terrifying and deranged prisoners. No psychiatrist can tell why these criminals harmed innocent people. A prison which houses most evil inmates automatically becomes a dangerous one.

4. San Quentin State Prison, California

When it comes to prisons with the highest death rates, San Quentin probably tops the list. According to Trendrr, there are some gang-related activities which take place in the prison as the guards ignore, due to corruption. Most of these gang activities are racial making it even worse. When riots become based on race, things turn terrible, and as the country is trying to eradicate the issue outside, inside the prison, it's completely unsafe.