Generation gap can be defined as a lack of understanding due to age differences. Significantly different perspectives often lead to conflicts and it’s important to know how to handle such situations. Thanks to advances in medical technology, people are living longer and choosing, or being forced, to stay in the workforce longer. This means several generations get to spend much time together and it gets challenging. Misunderstandings due to age difference take place in family and professional life and can truly complicate both if not handled the right way.

Good communication

Discussion is always a good thing if it is productive. The worst thing in cases of the generation gap, as with any other misunderstanding, would be for both sides to be stubborn and not listen to the other side. It’s true that older generations often tend to be judgmental while younger people tend to act as know-it-alls, even when they are inexperienced. The two sides should present their arguments, work through the problem and find the solution. If they can’t come up with one, they should agree to disagree and try to find a compromise for the common good. Older people should admit to the competence of the young, whereas youngsters should learn to express their opinions respectfully.

Mutual respect

The first thing you need to feel for the person in order to be willing to listen to them is respect. Older generations sometimes act like they are the only ones deserving respect based on their age only. Younger generations, in return, claim they don’t care about the age and that they only respect those who respect them.

This can further complicate things, both at home and work, because both sides would then do certain things out of spite.

Respect should exist for the sole reason of two people spending that much time together in the same room, given we’re dealing with considerate people. When we respect the person, we respect their opinion even if we don’t agree with it.

We try to work things out and find the best way to deal with the situation.

Spending quality time together

The key to getting to know and understand each other better is spending quality time together. When you find activities that all of the generations that are present enjoy, it is easy to get to see the most relaxed versions of those people. They will then share their thoughts, ideas, and doubts and it will be easier for all of you to develop a mutual understanding. Youngsters can learn a lot from the older generations because of their life experience, while older generations get to hear what is trending nowadays and stay updated thanks to youngsters being well informed. Sharing time will help you understand the changing ideas and ongoing events in each other’s lives.