Before multiple allegations of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein surfaced, the average person probably heard his name only when actors mentioned him in their acceptance speeches during awards. The 65-year-old film producer co-founded Miramax with his brother, Bob Weinstein. Miramax produced highly popular independent films such as “Pulp Fiction” and “Clerks,” just to name a few.

During the past several days, Weinstein has become a household name, but for all the wrong reasons. Multiple women have come forward and accused Weinstein of sexually harassing them.

Because of these accusations, Weinstein has been removed from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Here are a few more things about the now infamous producer that you probably didn’t know.

Harvey Weinstein was honored by the British and the French

In 2004, Queen Elizabeth II named Weinstein an Honorary Commander of the British Empire, which is the second highest honor given by the queen next to knighthood, according to a report by Variety. He was given the award for popularizing British films such as “The English Patient” and “Shakespeare in Love.

Weinstein stated, “My life and my career have been greatly influenced and enriched by great British filmmakers and authors, and so I am especially honored and humbled to be receiving the CBE,” according to Variety.

In 2012, Weinstein was also honored by the French, as they made him a Chevalier ranked knight for helping to promote French films in the US.

Harvey Weinstein supported Roman Polanski

When Roman Polanski, a well-known producer and actor, was detained in Zurich in 2009 because of an underage sex case, several Hollywood personalities petitioned for his release, and one of those personalities was Weinstein, according to The Guardian.

Weinstein even reached out to then-California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to pardon Polanski. However, Schwarzenegger responded by saying that Polanski’s case will not be treated any differently than anyone else.

Harvey Weinstein made Cersei Lannister cry

The “Game of Thrones” character Cersei Lannister, played by actress Lena Headey, is portrayed as a strong, independent woman in the hit HBO TV series.

Weinstein got angry after Heady made it clear that she was not interested in any of his advances during their brief encounter. Headey said that Weinstein allegedly tightly grabbed her by the arm as he accompanied her to her car and warned her not to tell anyone about what happened. After that, Headey got inside her car and cried.