Celebrities use social media to grow their fan base and update their followers on what they are doing in their daily lives. Below are the most followed US celebrities on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, according to social media analytics website Social Bakers.


Vin Diesel is the number one celebrity on Facebook with over 101.2 million Facebook page likes. The second most liked personality on Facebook is Eminem with over 90 million Facebook page likes. Eminem is the most admired US musician on Facebook despite making fewer hits nowadays. Will Smith comes at number three with 75.2 million Facebook page likes.

Will Smith is, therefore, the second most loved celebrity actor on Facebook after Vin Diesel. The late Michael Jackson's Facebook page comes fourth with 74.6 million page likes. Despite dying in June 2009, Micheal's Facebook status is updated on a regular basis. Tailor Swift comes fifth with 74 million Facebook page likes.

According to Social Bakers, the Facebook pages of Kristen Stewart, Andrea, Trinidad Cardano, Jerry Purpdrank and Ben Shapiro received the highest number of new likes last month. Kristen acquired 2.6 million unique page likes in September.


Katy Perry is the most prominent celebrity on Twitter with over 104.7 million followers. Justine Bieber comes second with 102 million followers while Taylor Swift has 85.5 million followers.

Despite having many Twitter followers, Taylor Swift does not follow anyone. Justine Bieber follows 310,646 people while Katy Perry follows 205.

Ellen Degeneres of the Ellen Show has 74.1 million followers while Lady Gaga has 71.6 million followers.

Last month, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Justine Bieber, Demi Lovato and Bruno Mars had the highest number of new Twitter followers when compared to other celebrities. Lady Gaga's Twitter following last month increased by 1.8 million.


Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Enrique Iglesias, Eminem and Maroon 5 are the most popular celebrities on YouTube.

Katy Perry has 25 million YouTube subscribers with over 14 billion YouTube video views. Taylor Swift has 25 million subscribers with over 12.9 billion video views while Enrique has 12 million subscribers with over 9.4 billion video views. Legendary musician Eminem comes fourth with 23 million subscribers with over 9.3 billion video views while pop rock band Maroon 5 has 14 million YouTube subscribers with over 8 billion video views.

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