A bridge is a physical structure that connects two sides of an obstacle. The obstacle can be a valley or a water body. Sometimes bridges can be used to shorten the distance between two places. There are many bridges in the world with different shapes and design and for various purposes.

Some bridges a specifically build for a different kind of mode of transport for instance train while some can be used by any mode of road transport. Long bridges form an extraordinary feature that attracts people that not only to use them but also to see. Below are the top five longest bridges in the world.

The Danyang-Kunshan grand bridge, in China: 164.8 Km.

This bridge is connected Shanghai and Nanjing, 164.8 Km apart. The primary purpose of the bridge was to enable Chinese use high-speed rail across the Yangtze River delta. The construction took four years and was officially opened in 2011, costing about 8.5 billion dollars. Up to date, it holds Guinness world record as the longest bridge since June 2011.

The Tianjin grand bridge, China: 113 Km.

Tianjin Grand Bridge is the second largest bridge in China and the world. It is 113 kilometers long being among the only two bridges that are over 100 km long. It was completed in 2010 but officially opened in 2011 due to verification factor. It also has a high-speed train trail that runs between Langfang and Xingjian.

Weinan Weihe grand bridge, China: 79.7 km.

Just like the first two, Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge is also found in China. It is about 79.7 kilometers long and connects Zhengzhou and Xi’an town. Apart from the road system, it also has a High-speed railway trail. The bridge crosses river Wei twice and many highways and railway lines.

It was considered the longest bridge in the world when officially opened in 2008 until 2011 when Danyang-Kunshan grand bridge was opened.

Bang Na Expressway, Thailand: 55 km.

Unlike the top three longest bridge, Bang Na Expressway is located in Thailand. This over pass was completed in 2000 and it is 55 km long. It was designed by an American Jean Muller.

Unlike many bridges, it does not cross any big mass of water, as it only cross over river Bang Pakong. It’s mainly purposed for road traffic.

Beijing Grand Bridge, China: 48.15 km.

Beijing Bridge is located in China. This bridge is 48. 15 kilometers long connecting Beijing to shanghai. It mainly serves the high speed railways transport. It was completed in 2010 and officially opened for use in 2011.