Microsoft has been working on their Surface Phone for two years. The company was expected to launch its smartphone last year. That clearly didn’t happen. Fans clutched at the possibility that they may introduce the handset this year. Sadly there has been little indication that this will become a reality. Even though it is anticipated that Microsoft will hold an event next month, the company is expected to concentrate on the launch of new Surface devices and nothing more.

Satya Nadella on Surface Phone

According to a report by Windows Report, the company will bring the Surface Phone phone next year.

According to Forbes, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella made a recent statement while referring to the Surface Phone. He said that the firm’s major objective is to come up with the ultimate mobile device ever. By this, he meant that Microsoft doesn’t want to offer something that is already accessible and on the table. His company’s product is going to stand apart from the rest of its competitors.

Patents by Microsoft

The Majority of the patents filed by Microsoft are proof that they are well on their way. The Redmond-giant recently filed for a patent that suggests that they are working on 3D cameras. Apple’s iPhone X already carries 3D cameras. They support the facial recognition software in the iPhone 8.

The same can, therefore, is assumed for the Surface Phone as well. Microsoft is collaborating with many laptop manufacturers for the launch of Andromeda – its own mobile OS. The list of companies includes Dell, Lenovo, and HP. Some units of Surface Phone might be powered by Andromeda, while others will come back with Windows 10.

Popular UI/UX designers, Amir

Popular UI/UX designers, Amir Estefad and Mohammad Reza Alidoost recently posted a mock-up of what they think the Surface Phone will look like. Their judgment was based on the numerous speculations, rumors, and patents that have shown up about the handset. The recent concept image revealed that the handset will feature a foldable design.

The phone might also feature USB-C Type.

Users will be able to fold the smartphone in half. Furthermore, the company might also equip its smartphone with a Surface Pen. It would work the same way as Samsung’s S Pen does for Galaxy Note smartphones. This would significantly help people access and utilize different functions on the handset. The launch-date of Surface Phone has obviously been delayed. There are chances that the units might not even be made available until 2019, the Windows Report reads.