Windows 10 Mobile is being survived by mildly popular handsets by Acer, AP, and Alcatel. A true hero device on this platform is missing. Microsoft is going to change that when the Redmond-based company releases its own phone dubbed ‘Surface Phone’ by the end of this year.

Surface Phone launching rumors

Signs indicating that Microsoft was working on a new device began back in 2015. The company CEO Satya Nadella took to the public platform and announced that the company was working on an “ultimate device.” Nadella later spoke to several media publications, explaining the company’s strategy with regards to the device.

He said that he is sure that the company is going to manufacture more phones but those phones will not look like anything else already existing in the market. This has further heightened the expectations of the fans.

What is known until now is that the Microsoft Surface Phone – whenever it arrives – is going to arrive with a radical design. Since Microsoft earlier this year patented a foldable technology, many assume that it was being done for its smartphone. Imagination is wild and running and many feel like the upcoming Surface Phone is going to do wonders, for example, it could not only fold up but also fold into a tablet or a laptop. The smartphone is probably going to be accompanied by a stylus pen, just like how Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 did.

As per Tech Advisor, Microsoft has never spoken or rather, confirmed that they are working on a Surface Phone. In fact, there isn’t even an official confirmation as to when the device can be expected. Truth be told: Microsoft nearly launched the smartphone back in 2016. However, due to technical reasons, the company has been speculated to have postponed the launch date.

Now that 2017 is here, and the gadget market is filled with exciting launches from big brands such as Apple and Samsung, Microsoft couldn’t have thought of a better time than this.

Signs of release

Microsoft also recently got into a partnership with Qualcomm, through which it has been interpreted that the former’s Windows 10 platform might finally be getting the much-awaited ARM support.

If this turns out to be true then Surface Phone might just be among those few devices with the support of both, Windows 10 software and ARM powering system. Windows Central, while citing sources close to the matter, reported back in April 2016 that Microsoft might be planning on launching three separate devices and not one. In other words, one can expect a line-up of Surface Phone devices – each targeted at individual personnel.