People’s opinions are divided when it comes to long distance relationships. Some consider them doomed to fail and discourage others from getting involved in such a Relationship. Other are positive and believe where there is love there is a way. It’s true the extra distance makes many things unachievable and it’s not going to be easy: you can feel lonely and sad from time to time and it could get complicated. On the other hand, this distance makes you appreciate the little things more; holding each other’s hand, walking, eating, laughing together etc.

People who see each other on a daily basis sometimes take these things for granted.

1. Don’t be overly attached

Some couples think that they need to communicate all the time in order to compensate for the distance. Excessive communication can make you too possessive and sticky, which might not suit your partner. It’s true you should share things, talk about each other’s day and mood but try to keep it under control so you won’t exhaust both of you. Remember, less is more. Apart from text messages, organize Skype dates, share a moderate amount of photos and videos of each other from time to time so your partner will feel your presence.

2. Consider it a challenge

Don’t get discouraged before time and try to see the distance as something that actually brings you closer, instead of pulling you apart.

Many people consider it’s easier to work things out in relationships when you talk face to face. They feel physical contact can help in many ways when problems are being solved but it doesn’t have to be true. Consider distance a test of your love for each other: be motivated to beat the odds and actually succeed.

3. Trust each other

Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship but it is incredibly important in long-distance relationships. Be honest with each other, don’t keep secrets as they will be revealed sooner or later and the trust will be shaken. Don’t let things to yourself only because you think you could experience some problems with your partner.

Be open about where you’re going and with whom and, if you want to, send some photos or videos from the event to your partner so they will feel part of it and see there is nothing to worry about. Of course, if your partner is giving you a hard time every time you want to spend your time with other people, think about the trust between you two once again.

4. Visit each other

It’s not always easy to pay visits to each other due to financial reasons or a hectic schedule. However, try to get together as often as you can as it can’t be denied that physical contact strengthens the bond between partners. If you can’t visit each other’s city or country, try to meet halfway and that way you can also get a romantic trip to a new place and create new memories.

Every relationship requires effort and dedication. Mutual trust and respect are utterly important in every relationship but they might be the key to a successful long-distance relationship. If the two of you have set your goals and you know where you’re going, all the effort will be worth it.