flakka, most commonly known as the zombie drug, is a new type of recreational drug that puts the user in a zombie-like state, hence the name. Users of flakka have tendencies to move and act like zombies, pretty much like what you see in an episode of “The Walking Dead.”

The zombie drug makes people move uncontrollably and become extremely violent. Flaka is known to cause users paranoia which makes its users want to instigate a fight. It gets so bad that people who were high on this drug even attacked police officers, according to a report by Listverse.

With that in mind, here are more terrifying facts about flakka that you need to know.

Flakka is much stronger than cocaine

People need to know that the zombie drug is much more powerful than cocaine and a lot cheaper as well. In fact, just taking 0.1 grams of flakka can already cause an overdose, according to Listverse.

Five dollars’ worth of flakka is the same as $80 of cocaine. When the drug is taken, the user’s body temperature rises rapidly to dangerous levels, and breathing becomes very difficult. In addition, the drug causes spasms, cramps and the heart beats irregularly. People have already died from this type of drug.

Flakka makes people murderers

People who are high on this drug become extremely violent, and on some occasions, they become killers as well.

A man named Leroy Strothers took his gun and started shooting at his neighbors after he had taken the zombie drug. Because of the delusional fantasies the drug had caused, Strothers actually believed that a Haitian gang was out to kill him and his family.

Meanwhile, Derren Morrison beat death an 82-year-old woman to death because he believed that the elderly woman was a demon that was trying to kill him.

Morrison was also high on flakka when he committed the crime.

The zombie drug causes superhuman strength

We all know that during extreme emergencies, people tend to have superhuman strength. For instance, when a person’s home is on fire, his body produces high volumes of adrenalin that allows that person to lift heavy objects like refrigerators.

Taking flakka also has the same effect on the body.

James West, a man who was high on flakka, believed that 25 cars were chasing him. In desperation, he went to Fort Lauderdale police headquarters to ask for help. He was able to smash the hurricane-proof glass of the police headquarters by merely kicking it. West was also able to tear the door off of the hinges using his bare hands.

Dr. Nabil Ed Sanadi, a physician, stated, “That’s what that drug does. They’re just using their physical strength to escape from whatever their brain is telling them,” according to Listverse.