elvis presley is a true icon, one that continues to live on even 40-years after his reported death on August 16, 1977. Elvis is so popular today with his fans continue to believe that the King of Rock and Roll did not die, but faked his death. On any given days fans of Elvis Presley can be found debating any and all news pertaining to the singer and his family. However, it is the conspiracy theories that surround the King's alleged death on August 16 of 1977 that have fans and some experts continually searching for answers.

Elvis Presley fans cling to hope

Facebook fans have even dedicated a group page that discusses daily the holes in the news stories of Presley's death. On any given day you can be sure to find numerous articles and facts posted daily debunking the king's death.

Here are the ten most interesting and somewhat convincing reasons thousands upon thousands believe that Elvis Aron Presley could still be alive. For 40 years fans of Elvis Presley have stood their ground, studied every clue, hint and detail surrounding his death and have come up with these details.

Interesting clues found pertaining to Elvis' death

1. The body in the coffin photo. Clearly not the king according to fans based on the shape of his nose, eyebrow arch and a confession from a hairdresser who claims she glued a loose sideburn on the corpse because it kept falling down.According to a celebrity death conspiracy article written by the Smithsonian.com, many fans and people connected with Presley are convinced that he faked his death to protect his life and the lives of his family from the mob.

Presley had reportedly been working with the United States Government as a DEA informant and had allegedly uncovered incriminating evidence about some of the organization's biggest and most dangerous mob members. It has been claimed that the mob had threatened the lives of Elvis and his family.

2. Fans visiting the open casket memorial noticed many inconsistencies as they viewed Elvis' body and said their goodbyes such as Elvis' hands.

Presley was an avid karate expert and his hands were said to be always completely calloused from karate, the corpse in the casket...smooth and soft hands.

Did Elvis fake his death?

3. Presley had a fascination with numerology and used it to pick his death day. Errie example... date of death... August 16th, 1977, has numerical significance: 8 + 16 + 1977 = 2001.

Thus Spake Zarathustra, the theme music from the movie 2001, was Elvis’ theme song.

It is believed Presley chose the 16th for his ‘death’ because he wanted 3 x 24 in it (a lucky combination). "2001" was also the name of Elvis' favorite movie. Coincidence?

Using this formula this finds us with three sets of the number 24 (a lucky combination):- The two numbers from the day of death add up to the number 24 16 + 8 = 24 - The sum of digits in the year of death add up to the number 24 1 + 9 + 7 + 7 = 24- 2001 (Date of Film) – 1977 (Year of Death) = 24

Lisa Marie refuses to answer

4. Elvis daughter Lisa Marie Presley has on more than one occasion refused to answer questions pertaining to her father's death, or anything to do with it.

Lisa gets visibly uncomfortable and self-conscious when questioned.

5. The obvious weirdness over the misspelling on Elvis' grave. His name is legally spelled Elvis Aaron Presley, however, his gravestone reads Elvis Aron Presley.

6. Elvis was doing some odd things in March of 1977. First off he is said to have cashed out three life insurance policies totaling $2 million dollars. He also opened a new checking account with easy access, depositing half of the cash.

7. Following his death and funeral, a fan taking photos of EP's gravesite captured the poolhouse in the background, Later after developing the film he noticed a man's shape in the window. He blew up the photo and discovered the man eerily resembled Elvis.

8. On the day of his "death", it was discovered that some of Elvis' favorite jewelry was missing along with his personal diaries and a private plane.

9. Ginger Alden, the KIng's girlfriend at the time bungled information pertaining to his death. She stated she found his body at 2 P.M., however, Elvis had been rushed to the hospital at 1:15 P.M.

10. Last but not least today there is still one remaining life insurance policy in Elvis Presley's name that has yet to be cashed in.

Sealed autopsy records to be opened in 2027

Strange Elvis facts that could have even the biggest naysayers scratching their heads on this one. Bonus fact. Elvis Presley's official autopsy was sealed by Vernon Presley, Elvis' father and will not be opened and revealed until 2027 (on the 50-year anniversary of his death).

Just some interesting tidbits to wrap your head around. So, Elvis fans we have to ask, were you aware of all of these alleged details pertaining to the King of Rock and Roll's "death" and has any of these swayed your opinion on whether Elvis Presley really died on August 16, 1977, or not?