A German court ordered the owner of a donkey to pay $21,700 to the owner of a Mclaren car after the animal bit and damaged the back of the vehicle. The case occurred in Schlitz, central Germany.

Donkey bites sports car in Germany, and the owner has to pay compensation

The animal would have 'confused' McLaren orange with a giant carrot, according to police. Police reported that Vitus, the donkey, apparently mistaken the orange sports car with a giant carrot and bit the car, damaging the paint and a piece of carbon fiber.

A local court in Giessen (Germany) on Thursday upheld car owner Markus Zahn.

He appealed to the court after the donkey owner refused to reimburse him after the incident. At the time, according to local media, the owner of the donkey argued that the car owner should have chosen the best place to park.

Florida: Police look for owners of abandoned suitcase with 4.8 kilograms of marijuana

The unknown suitcase was found in a parking lot. Police are looking for the owners of an abandoned suitcase carrying 4 pounds of marijuana. Pembroke Pines police said in a Facebook post on Thursday that cops Jon Cusack and Peterson Jacques found the suitcase while attending an incident in the Arium Resort community.

The suitcase was abandoned in a parking lot and caught the attention of maintenance personnel.

"If the suitcase or its contents belong to you, we would love to know all about it - please contact us," the police wrote wryly.

Australia: Koala 'invades' winery

After smelling the wine, the animal earned the nickname Drinky Bill. A Koala "invaded" a winery in Australia and ended up "helping" the quality control of the local wine, sniffing the drink just taken from a barrel.

In a video posted by The Vine Vineyard in South Australia and by producer Nicholas Dugmore, he appears using fresh wine and then "offering" to the koala, which smells like a sommelier.

The koala was nicknamed Drinky Bill, named after a local cartoon character.

New Jersey: Woman lies about missing granddaughter to steal market

The woman invented the story for her son to steal the market.

A woman in New Jersey invented a story at a supermarket in Egg Harbor Township, so her son could steal clothes and sweets. According to police, Donna Hall told officials that her eight-year-old granddaughter had been lost in the jewelry section.

The supermarket was closed, and Donna's son Nicholas took advantage of it to fill bags with clothes and sweets. Later, the police discovered that there was no disappearance. Donna was arrested for a false statement of crime and theft. Nicholas was also arrested for theft and possession of drugs.