For lovers of American Football, there is nothing quite as good as watching your favorite team play. You want it to beat each of its rivals and rise to the top spot. But a team’s success is defined by its management and players, and if a team doesn’t have good players, then it could keep losing. Most of the successful teams in the NFL have The Best players to increase their chances of winning. Here are some of the best NFL Players.

1. DT Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams

According to Pro Football Focus, Aaron is a defensive lineman for the Rams and has been a dominant force for the past several seasons after J.J.

Watt got injured last year. In just two seasons, he has tallied 161 total pressures as well as 90 defensive stops creating both pressure and absolute pressure, differently from any other kind of defensive tackle. He is one of the best players Rams have and among the greatest in NFL.

2. RB Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys

Ezekiel spent his 2016’s fourth overall pick draft running back in Ohio State. According to Bleacher Report, he is only 21, but is the best NFL player at the offensive line. Elliot has to avoid off-field mistakes to maintain NFL’s best running back status that he achieved just after a year. The status belonged to Edgerrin James who played for Indianapolis Colts. Ezekiel’s first campaign ended with 1,631 yards, the third highest in NFL history for a rookie.

3. WR Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons

Jones is among the toughest receivers in NFL to match up with today, according to Pro Football Focus. Many receivers have been productive like he is, but he stands out with his strength, size, speed, and catching ability. He has 10 red-zone TDs for four seasons and hasn’t had a double-digit TD in those seasons.

Jones hardly catches the touchdowns, and he is the only receiver who gained more than three yards for every route.

4. RB David Johnson, Arizona Cardinals

This might seem like a dream, but according to, if Johnson catches around 60 balls for 600 yards he becomes the leading runner on NFL. He is an excellent ball carrier as well as a matchup problem for defenses due to his rare versatility.

Johnson broke 27 tackles as a receiver and was the only runner targeted over 100 times over the season, catching 80 of them. He ran routes and received passes which other running backs were not requested to.

5. DE Joey Bosa, Los Angeles Chargers

According to Bleacher Report after a salary issue that lasted a while, Boa joined the San Diego Chargers lineup in the fifth week to play against the Oakland Raiders where he provided a pair of sacks. He gives a proper defense during an attack. He finished his rookie campaign with 105 sacks and even though he missed four games he was among the 16 defenders who recorded double-digit sacks.