There are 2043 billionaires around the world, according to Forbes. 227 of them are women, making up 11 percent of the list. Even though men dominate the list, it’s clear that even women can be filthy rich. Some of the wealthiest women have gained wealth from their ancestral properties, while others have made their billions through dedication. You might wish that one of these women was your grandma or mom, but you don’t know what some went through to climb the ladder. Here is a list of top wealthiest women on earth.

1. Liliane Bettencourt

According to Women’s Day Celebration, Liliane was a French woman born in 1922.

She was one of the main shareholders of the L’Oreal company. She was ranked the wealthiest woman in the world and the eleventh person overall. The L’Oreal is a cosmetic empire founded by her father Eugene Schueller in 1907. Bettencourt and her children owned 33 percent of the company. Liliane had dementia and was involved in a court battle with Francois Marie Banier. The French court found Banier guilty of swindling Liliane and was ordered to pay a $400,000 fine. Liliane Bettencourt passed away on September 2017.

Net Worth: $36.1 billion

2. Alice Walton

According to the BBC, Alice Walton is ranked the 17th wealthiest person in the world, and she is now the wealthiest woman alive. 67-year-old Walton is the only daughter of Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart.

Her brothers are in the family’s business, but Alice chose to move away and focus on arts. She chairs her investment, the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art located in Bentonville. However, she has some shares in Wal-Mart, and she and the other Walton women are worth $49.5 billion combined.

Net Worth: $33.8 billion

3. Jacqueline Mars

Jacqueline Mars’ grandfather, Frank Mars, was the founder of the largest candy maker in the world, Mars Inc, according to Forbes.

She was born in 1939, and she is an heiress and investor. Mars is currently the second richest woman alive. After her father passed on in 1999, she and her brothers took control of the largest candy maker on earth, and the company achieved much under their management. Apart from candies, the company makes Uncle Ben’s rice and pet food.

Net Worth: $27 billion

4. Maria Franca Fissolo

Maria Franca is an Italian billionaire born in 1941, according to Women’s Day Celebration. She is part of the Ferrero Roche, one of the largest confectionary companies. She is the widow of Michele Ferrero and has two sons, Giovanni Ferrero and Pietro Ferrero Jr. The Ferrero Group is one of the most popular candy companies, and they produce the Nutella chocolate, Kinder chocolate, and Tic-tac mint. Giovanni manages the company while Maria spends much of her time in Monaco.

Net Worth: $22.1 billion