September 9 is celebrated as Teddy Bear Day. It is a perfect opportunity to cuddle up with your favorite childhood companion. Having one as a toy dates back to the early 1900s. As most people can guess from the name, it was President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt who inspired the making of the toy enjoyed by children and some adults all over the world. However, one would think the celebration would be in November because it was in November 1902 when the president attended a bear hunt in Mississippi, along with many others.

Members of the hunting party tied a young bear to a tree and gave the president the honor of shooting it.

Roosevelt refused to kill the cub. Perhaps he felt sorry for the animal. Roosevelt was mocked by a political cartoonist when he heard the story. Clifford Berryman put a cartoon of a cuddly cub in the local newspaper and titled it, "Drawing the Line in Mississippi." The story and cartoon became popular, and toy makers capitalized on the craze and made the first "Teddy's Bear." Because the toy was so cuddly, it became a favorite among young children.

Popular child's toy

Today, the teddy bear is still a popular child's toy. It has been illustrated in stories, songs, and movies. Even though the cub that President Roosevelt refused to kill was black, the toy today can be purchased in different colors, sizes, forms, styles, and materials.

Some people collect them as a hobby. They are not just for children, though, as they are often given to adults as an expression of congratulations, sympathy, or love.

Teddy bears are meant to bring joy to sick children whether they are in the hospital or at home. Police, fire and other emergency officials have discovered that giving the toy during a crisis helps calm children.

Therefore, the National Association of Police & Lay Charities (NAPLC) was started in 1997 in Washington, D.C. The organization founded the Teddy Bear Cops program that provides the toy to emergency personnel throughout the country to give to children.


Teddy bears are so popular that there are many museums around the world today that house them in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

The first teddy bear museum was in Petersfield, Hampshire, England. Then, another one was set up in Naples, Florida. Even though both of those museums were closed by 2006, there are many others scattered around the world.

Do you have a teddy bear? Did you have one as a child? Do your children have one?